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In the not too distant past, it was common to see national companies such as Penalty, Topper, Olympikus and Kanxa wearing important clubs in Brazilian. Currently, foreign brands dominate the market as well as brands of some clubs, according to an international trend. However, there is a national actor who challenges this logic: the Volt SportWhich Wednesday completes the twenty-fifth of its founding year, and produces uniforms for eight important clubs in the country: America-MG, Vitória, Remo, Santa Cruz, CSA, Criciúma, Botafogo-SP And Figerency.

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Through a factory in Joinville (SC), Volt has sold more than 400,000 T-shirts and earned $40 million in its first year. Among the game items, the first bestseller was the Remo T-shirt, released in July 2021. In the retail segment, the company operates 12 physical stores, employing nearly 1,000 indirect employees. The PLACAR team, Fernando Klemmmann, Managing Partner of Volt Sport, highlights the difficulties they face on the track.

victory shirt
Vitoria Volt Sports Shirt / Disclosure

“Like any new company, we suffer from fan mistrust, uniforms involve passion. Fortunately, the uncertainties have diminished and with each new release the repercussions have been very positive among fans,” he says. “In our longer careers, we’ve been able to double the association’s revenue. Our goal is not just to manufacture uniforms, but to invest in teams, strengthen the relationship with fans and make history in the sport,” the executive explains.

For the new cycle, CEOs’ expectations are to double revenue and attract more clubs. “Our entry into the market occurred at a sensitive moment of the epidemic, but it was a risk that we had already calculated. In this new phase, we will expand our operations in the market, and we have set a target of 100 million riyals in groups,” says Kleiman.

“We want to strengthen ourselves, more and more, as a major and bigger national brand, as well as expand our business with our foundation line. Our plan is to launch an exclusive Volt store. We also want to have more fan clubs and the possibility to change our scale next year. In addition, we are considering entry abroad. Last year, we even negotiated with Huracán, from Argentina, but the partnership did not materialize,” Klemmmann reveals.

Currently, among the Serie A clubs, only America Mineiro, with the Volt, has an independent Brazilian brand as sponsor. Six more (Fortaleza, Ceará, Atlético-GO, Coritiba, Goiás and Juventude) wear club brands, while more traditional teams maintain contracts with foreign brands (Nike, Adidas, Puma, New Balance and Umbro).

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social connection

One of the ingredients of the brand is dealing with fanatics. On social networks, Volt promoted two contests to create new T-shirts. CSA’s main outfit, for example, was created by an Alagoan fan. In the case of América-MG, fans have sent in shirt suggestions in celebration of Coelho’s 110th anniversary. The final model will be decided in an exclusive vote of its supporters.

Since the launch of Volt, social and awareness-themed T-shirts have been produced. One of the most striking was the third set of América-MG, from the previous season. The model highlighted the #ConciênciaNegraTodoDia campaign, a project created to promote the fight against racism.

Recently, Santa Cruz also released the third set of the current season with reference to the fight against racism. The uniform was named the “Original” and symbolizes the fight against racial discrimination Tricolor faces.

In addition to these two models, Botafogo-SP, along with the Volt, released a T-shirt in support of the October Rosa campaign. According to Pantera’s statement, a portion of the income from the T-shirts was intended for organizations working in breast cancer diagnosis and prevention.

Pink October shirt from Botafogo de Ribeirao Preto
Botafogo de Ribeirão Preto Volt Sport Pink October Shirt / Disclosure

On some of the lines, Volt worked with TrueLife ECO fabric, a material produced from PET bottles taken from seas or oceans. With the production of this uniform, half a million units were taken from the wild.

Volt T-shirts are sold at standard market prices, which are over 200 riyals. However, the brand maintains measures to reduce the effects of counterfeiting. According to the National Forum Against Piracy and Legitimacy (FNCP), for every 10 team uniforms sold in the country, four are pirated, resulting in losses of more than R$2 billion in 2020 for clubs in the country.

The issue of piracy is indeed complex. It’s obviously very bad and the main damage is the club. So as a brand, what we do to combat this is provide an affordable mix of products. We have the most affordable shirt lines, between 79 and 89 riyals. In addition, in some clubs we also have a fan line project. There is daily attempt and struggle on our part to make fewer and fewer fans turn to the unofficial and piracy.”

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