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The top management of the Federal University of Ceará (UFC), strangely enough, receives a disguised incarnation of the Federation of Teachers of Federal Universities of the State of Ceará (ADUFC – Union), declaring references to a “junk” of the institution’s structure. The accusatory tone of the Federation causes the species to be sent to management, in a malicious attempt to confuse society and ascribe to the constant management the undeniable difficulties, Legacy of Errors in Planning the Support Program for the Restructuring and Expansion of Federal Universities (REUNI).

Society understands that when he took charge, we, the senior leaders, were immediately alarmed by the excessive volume of unfinished business or business in abandonment throughout the enterprise. For this very reason, management has included, among its priority actions, working to bring to the community a long list of stalled businesses, many of them – surprisingly – since 2012/2013.

To that end we announced, in August 2020, even in the chaos of a pandemic that has consumed our resources, the largest investment package in recent years in the UFC. 27 million Brazilian riyals for maintenance, resumption and completion of worksImproving accessibility and acquisition of equipment for music practice, IT procedures, and reinforcement in laboratories and academic units. Then it was done A firm and urgent measure to preserve the university’s structureConsidering that the situation of abandonment and neglect was frightening.

a large amount of resources, obtained from the UFC’s own budget; The current book joints with the Ministry of Education (MEC) and other ministries, such as Justice; Resources were used from the Funder of Studies and Projects (FINEP) and Parliamentary Amendments, with the aim of reducing years of under-maintenance.

Still in August 2020, we started with a wave of editorials. First, a state-of-the-art PV park capable of delivering significant annual savings in electricity costs for the UFC. Then, in the second half of that difficult year, the medical school’s freezer room, Cine Benjamin Abrahão of Casa Amarela Eusélio Oliveira, Central Library of the Campus of Prof. Pici. Brisco Bezzera, the reconstruction around the virtual UFC Institute and the new University of Pici restaurant, the roof of the press course building, which was in a desperate position… only to name some of the more than 50 works that are now in the hands of a community academy, so that it can better devote itself to its core activities .

A few million Omani riyals from the investment package was earmarked solely for the technology centre, whose ADUFC text shows plenty of evidence in its efforts to erase structural progress in recent years. In March 2022, Introducing the Computerized Tomography (LEM), Renewable Energies (LER) and Energy Efficiency Laboratories Laboratory of Mechanical (LEM) testing community, in addition to the block of production engineering department. These works, essential to the proper functioning of the CTS, have been abandoned for more than eight years. The ADUFC, ideologically blind and mobilized by a partisan group, ignores this primary gain of status. Not to mention the improvements in the mathematics, geography or geology department, which were in a tatters.

Everyone knows that in the face of many years of poor maintenance, there is still a lot to be done. However, people of good will recognize and commend what has already been done and know that more will be accomplished, despite the notorious difficulties the union has created. In fact, not even the difficult budget situation, combined with the unstable economic and health scenario of the last biennium, was able to stop the current UFC management from being determined. The once hopeless situation was now worrying and soon it would just be a memory of a time that would not return.

We still have a lot to do to get over the years of poor planning in our UFC administration, but everyone knows our budget difficulties, which cause rebellion and embody complete disdain for the truth, to verify that the ADUFC has attempted, artificially, to attribute to the current administration the lack of planning that has resulted in To years of lack of maintenance and abandonment of our university which was rectified in record time by the current administration. Let us be clear: appearances intended to mislead will not prevail and will always be made clear to society.

For we understand that the supposed supervisory spirit of a trade union entity was conveniently dormant, either for its own benefit or for the party group that dominates it, when leadership fell into the hands of those with whom it is ideologically allied and for we are certain that Through planning, organizing, mobilizing partnerships and action, the university landscape has truly changedis that we continue, unwaveringly, to renew and restructure our UFC.

We reiterate, until it is clear to us, that false narratives with the aim of confusing society about one of the most positive points of the present administration will not be tolerated.

UFC Senior Management

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