“Try to take our guns away from us and you’ll know why the Second Amendment was written” – Observer

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After the massacre of 21 people at an elementary school in Ovaldi, Texas, American society is once again divided. On the other hand, those who condemn firearm possession and access. On the other hand, votes in support of actions set forth in the Second Amendment to the US Constitution – which allows for legal possession of guns.

One of the harshest reactions came from Florida House of Representatives member Randy Fine. On your personal Twitter account, A Republican politician responded to President Joe Biden’s speech after the shootingin which the head of state called for greater control of gun possession, also stressing that “mass shootings do not happen in any other part of the world.”

Joe Biden: “I’m sick and tired, we have to move. When are we going to hit the gun lobby?”

In response, Randy Fine stated that he “had news of the failure that he claims to be president” of the United States, then left a threat to Joe Biden: “Try to take our guns away from us and you’ll see why the Second Amendment was written in the first place.”

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Facing an outburst of anger after the comments, Randy Fine insisted on the threat, stressing that the reaction “exposes the lie of a left that only wants ‘proper gun control’.” The only thing they want is just confiscation of weapons and an end to the Second AmendmentHe charged, noting that Democrats want to put an end to Americans’ “right to fight.”

Besides the Republican Party, too Donald Trump Vent that it was “hard to respond” after the shooting. And on the social network created by the former US President thanked the authorities and sent it “My condolences to all those who are suffering greatly from losing so many incredible weapons.”

“No words can express the pain of this extremely horrible event. It is a moment we cannot forget.” However, Donald Trump will be at Friday’s event with the goal of spreading ideas in favor of gun ownership. The former head of state will even give the inaugural address of the National Rifle Association (NRA).

Jason Oymet, one of the event’s organizers, told Fox News he was “proud” that the former US president spoke on the initiative. “President Trump has always defended the constitutional values ​​that members of the NRA believe in.”He stressed that the former head of state “recognizes that the Second Amendment is about liberties and belongs to all Americans, knowing that our right to self-defense is not negotiable.”

Texas Senator Ted Cruz also expressed his regret for the massacre on social media, saying he was “disgusted” and “sad” after the shooting. He called it an “evil act,” noting that “many” identical episodes have occurred in recent years. “No parent should bear the pain of burying their children. We need to come together, as a nation, And support Ovaldi as he tries to recover from this devastating loss.”

On a TV show, Ted Cruz once again defended gun ownership and the Second Amendment, despite specifying that it needed review, particularly regarding the purchase of gun ownership by “criminals, fugitives, and other people with serious problems.” Psychological “.

“We see these mass murders as a constant threat that we face,” postulated Ted Cruz, defending that the gun issue was “politicised” by Democrats: “They use it to pursue Second Amendment rights. We have seen in the past that this is ineffective.” is over.

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