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Woof was born as an adoption platform to bring the love of pets into Brazilian homes. What its creators, Caetano Altavin and Marcela Grizes, didn’t imagine at the time was that they would support small and medium-sized entrepreneurs in the field. First, with a “pet-focused” marketplace, it aims to digitize sales from local pet stores. Then, with a service aimed at enhancing the process as a whole, with a management system and even a “storage trough”.

Caetano Altavin, founder and CEO, and Marcela Grizes, founder and chief marketing officer (Image: Disclosure)

Caetano Altavin, founder and CEO, and Marcela Grizes, founder and chief marketing officer (Image: Disclosure)

Woof co-founder Caetano Altafin says he’s always been a pet educator, but has had a series of resentments of service and after-sales service at major pet product stores. With that in mind, he and Marcella Gres, co-founder, decided to head to this place. The first step was to turn the platform, and then focus on adoption, into a marketplace.

“We thought it was time for this pet-focused community to start solving the quality of life issue for these pets as well,” Altafin comments. “Our mission is to help animals and enable technology to be used on pet store locations.” It highlights that the startup’s commitment to animal adoption has not been set aside, but is now being served by the support of NGOs working in the field.

The startup was selected for an international acceleration program, but the partners had to return to Brazil due to the pandemic. However, they have already done so as they consider Woof’s next steps: Now, in addition to offering a marketplace focused on the pet care experience, the entrepreneurs have decided to launch Woof for Pet Shops, a package of services aimed at improving the operation of small and medium businesses. .

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Through the service, customers get their own website to sell products, a machine from a partner company and access to an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) management system. Stores can choose to maintain their own branding or obtain a license to use the “Woof” trademark. In this second case, they also receive a “shop bathroom”, with the place restructuring by the Branding and Marketing team. In addition to being able to sell on Woof’s Market, pet stores have access to a B2B marketplace, which is also open to non-partners, allowing them to purchase inputs and replenish stocks at varying prices. Today, according to the startup, there are 3,000 local companies affiliated with the program.

Altafin explains that the program’s monetization works through royalties. The partner who uses only the first name pays royalties on online sales, the partner who uses the Woof logo gets more benefits, but also pays for offline sales. Through its network of partner stores, Woof now offers items with free same-day delivery to end consumers in approximately 270 cities.

The founder explains that the initiative is part of recognizing something that has already become a Brazilian heritage. “We have a football field, the church, the bakery, the bar and now the neighborhood pet store. Pets are in over half of Brazilian homes, and according to our understanding, whoever has a relationship with the customer is the place. Our role is to truly empower the local business, who knows The name of the animal and it follows the life of the owner.”

In addition to focusing on digital transformation, Altafin says another goal for Woof is to work on the customer journey. With pets “leaving the backyard” and increasingly entering social circles, it is also common for teachers to seek good care for their furry children. “In addition to the fact that the local pet store is becoming competitive, customers who previously did not receive a more personalized and packaged service can now shop with ease and with the best experience for their pet,” Altafin explains.

In 2021, Woof earned R$2.2 million. According to the founder, the services made it possible to achieve total savings of more than 10 million R$ for the SMEs being served. For 2022, plans include launching an app developed in partnership with experts to help teachers understand more about the behavior and health of their pets. Revenue is expected to increase to R$10 million.

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