This restaurant, inspired by the work of Cervantes, has been pet-friendly for 33 years

This restaurant has been pet friendly for 33 years and has a stunning view.

Since 1989 in Cabo da Roca, Moinho Dom Quixote is surrounded by stunning landscapes your dog will want to explore.

With this view, do not forget about the food.

There isn’t much heaven, but this bar and restaurant is very close to being. In Cabo da Roca, in Sintra, we find Moinho Dom Quixote. “Lothar, the founder, took a lost mill and created heaven,” João Kraeski, Mill’s communications officer, tells PiT. Surrounded by nature and a great view of Jincho Beach, there are not many better places to spend quality time with your loved ones. Including your bigeye.

“Lothar has always been very passionate about animals and has been pet friendly since he opened in 1989. Since rebranding two years ago, we have made sure to keep it open to animals,” says Joao. “There was a time when 11 dogs were in the factory, and now we have two, Noah and Luca, who spend their days among clients. In addition, we have two cats who are also in space and sometimes some from the neighborhood come to visit. There are people who come on purpose because they enjoy the company of animals,” he adds. “.

The restaurant has water bowls for the animals and intends to put items on their menu just for them. However, the project is still in progress.

The space consists of an outdoor and an indoor area. Outside, the eyes can walk freely, but inside they must be restrained. Their favorite part is the garden, where they “always play and drink water from the fountain,” says the official with a laugh.

Like Don Quixote, Lothar was a dreamer who loved the arts and so, when he first saw the windmill, he decided that it would “once again be enchanted in all its beauty”. For many viewed as mad, as when his muse decided to become a knight, Lothar had a “dream”, but unlike Don Quixote, he was able to fulfill.

Sancho Panza, Dulcinea, Rossignanrt, and of course Don Quixote

In honor of the work, Moinho has created a brunch menu inspired by some of the characters. “We try to have the ingredients relate to the story. Sancho Panza is fatter with bacon. Dulcinea is more delicate, with a linotter and sweet croissant. Rocinante ate apples, so we decided to make a dish related to that, using apples baked in pies,” explains João. In addition to these three rolls, not one in honor of Don Quixote can be missing: two oven-fried eggs with a Parmesan crust on toasted Alentejo bread with grated tomatoes, olive oil, oregano and vegetables, accompanied by orange juice.

The restaurant’s menu is extensive and has options for lunch, dinner, breakfast and snacks, as well as an extensive cocktail list, with and without alcohol, and several wines to choose from, including warm wines. “We value local producers and organic products. We have a vegetable garden and we use its ingredients,” emphasizes the person in charge of the institution’s communication.

“Lothar loves to travel and we have pieces from all over the world to decorate our interiors,” says Joao. “Right now, we increasingly want to have art in the space and we are open to local artists to showcase their work. Especially if they have a relationship with the mill. We have art spread all over the place and we want it to be something that is always present,” he adds.

Moinho also organizes events related to art, from poetry sessions to music performances with different types of artists. “We are a cultural mix and we have been playing Brazilian folk music since fado. On Friday we will have jazz. The goal is always to please all kinds of audiences,” explains the official.

Scroll through the gallery to learn about the restaurant and learn more about the events that take place there.

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