The world mourns the death of the influencer and his dog

The world mourns the death of the digital influencer and his golden retriever

Jesse and Schorasti have been traveling the world in a Volkswagen since 2017. They lost their lives in a car accident.

Jesse and Choraasti, an inseparable duo.

Brazilian digital influencer Jesse Cuz, born in Curitiba, Parana state, and his loyal friend, Golden Retriever Shurasti, died on Monday, May 23, in an accident in the United States. Brazilian media began reporting the news on Tuesday night, and on social networks, panic emerged.

Jesse, 29, was traveling the world with his dog and was in a car accident in the United States. Both lost their lives.

Jesse and Chorasty (then six years old) traveled in a Volkswagen Type 1 – better known as the Beetle, in Brazil – and the influencer always said he would never have thought to go without his dog. He was responsible for everything, and he is called his “life partner”.

The duo who stunned half the world with photos of the trip that’s been taking place since May 6, 2017 (they’ve already visited 17 countries in the Americas, such as Chile, Bolivia, Panama, Ecuador, Colombia and Costa Rica), got into an accident near Portland, Oregon, and on Tuesday launched a fundraising campaign – organized by a couple Accompany them on this excursion from the trip – so that their bodies can be taken to Brazil. By early Wednesday morning, the goal of 120 thousand reais (23,250 euros) had been reached.

Jesse’s goal was to make it to Alaska in September. His Instagram account has 140k followers and his dog has 517k followers.

On Instagram, Jesse’s introductory phrase was “You either die a hero or you live long enough to be a villain.”

Chorasti or Sherigo?

This trip was part of a project Jesse called “Shurastey or Shuraigow?” (whose Instagram account has more than 60,000 followers), a play by Bassem Al-Dhahabi and the song “Should I stay or should I go?” by The Clash.

Many celebrities and many unknowns (on Facebook, 25,000 people talked about it on Tuesday night) have already come to mourn the deaths of Jesse and Shaorsty. “Gee, what a sad news… Jesse and his amazing partner @shurastey…this photo was taken 12 weeks ago in Orlando and it was an unforgettable day…the energy of the two together was such a magical thing that I came to believe that if one day one Without the other he wouldn’t be able to survive. Fate wanted you never to be separated, friends. A great privilege to know you. Go in peace, friends,” former Formula 1 driver Rubens Barrichello wrote on his Instagram account.

Brazilian TV presenter and YouTuber Bruno Rocha da Fonseca, better known by his stage name Hugo Glos, was very sad about what happened. “Breaking news…On Monday (23), Santa Catarina digital influencer Jesse Cuze, and his loyal boxer, Shurastey Golden Retriever, passed away. According to information from G1, the 29-year-old was in a car accident in the United States. On social media, fans of the duo, who accompanied them on travels around the world, expressed their regret at the tragic departure. We are also very sorry and have recorded our feelings for family and friends,” he wrote in a Facebook post.

Last year, Jesse posted a declaration of love to his best friend: “(…) I’ve learned in these last years, that I get up every day next to you, that there is no me without you, dog! I’ve learned that love is far beyond saying I love you! I’ve been through With one of the darkest moments I’ve ever lived and in you I hugged myself and cried, but you also celebrated the happiest moments of my life so far! There’s no connection in the world like the one I have with you, Jaguara!” And, by the way, to quote the lyrics of Adriana Calcanhuto’s song:

‘A plane without wings’

fire without embers

I’m like this without you

Football without the ball

Tweety without fries

I’m like this without you

Jesse’s last photo was posted on Instagram on May 19. They were looking at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and Jesse’s comment was “The light is different.” They died four days later. Together as always.

Scroll through the gallery to see some photos from this trip and the happy moments they both had.

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