The seixalense cat that fascinates social networks

Xeninhas: the cat from Seixal that fascinates social networks

The page was created just for family and friends, but it turned out to be a huge hit in the digital world.

There are more and more pets taking up your space on social media and adding more affection to our feed. With a unique name and a very unique personality, Xeninhas has won more and more fans with her images that will melt the heart of any cat lover.

Xeninhas history forces us back to September 2013, when he became the fourth member of his family. Beatrice Marquez, now 24, is in charge of managing the social network and remembers the cat entering her life after her parents insisted that she be adopted a few days before she started high school.

“One day, when we went for a walk, we ended up walking to a pet store. In that store, there were four kittens for adoption and I insisted with my dad again,” she says. Her persistence paid off, and after only two months, the cat had three owners who were seduced by her yellow fur.

It’s no secret that all animals are special to their owners, and in the case of this furry companion, there are many features that distinguish them from other animals. One is the name that refers to the way Beatrice’s father repeatedly referred to the woman, which was chosen when they found out, upon registering the name at the vet, that she was a female after all. “Besides her exotic name, what makes her unique to us, is her personality and the way she perfectly complements our family.”

Beatrice adds that many of the Xeninhas’ behaviors are similar to those commonly associated with dogs. “At home, we sometimes say we have a dog.”says the woman. “When we got home, he was already at the door waiting for us. He reveals that if we’re home, he spends his time walking behind us and even playing the ‘search’ game.

However, it is a cautious animal and the owners can boast that they have not broken anything or damaged furniture. “She likes to be pampered, but only when she wants and who she wants.” She especially needs to be pampered when she is jealous, and is upset when the owners come home smelling like another animal. “We usually say she’s the princess in the house and she’s not ready to give up,” she says.

A day with Xeninhas

“Zinhas are an animal of habits,” explains the owner, who easily describes a day of the week in a cat’s life. Having started the day with his own food and fresh water, he likes to eat grass from the hands of his owners. Then it’s time to make the bed, “also known as playtime, and between jumping and running around the house, the bed takes twice as long to make.” The day continues with the cats sunbathing, watching the neighbors’ cats, scratching the cardboard boxes scattered around the house and, when possible, napping on their owners’ lap.

Since he likes to maintain a routine at night, he also likes to sleep at a certain time. “If any of us stay up late, it pressures us to go to bed,” says Beatrice, who describes the way Xeninhas sit and stare at their owners or stand in front of the TV and computer to make your demands.

All these activities are shared on her Xeninhas Instagram account, which was set up in 2018 for the owner to show off the cute side of her cat and share the funny pictures she already had. “Initially, her followers were just a few close family members and friends. Over time, many people started following her, including other pet pages.” She currently has over 1,350 followers.

“When I talk to my friends on the page, I say it’s the moment they send their news,” asserts Beatrice. Between photos while sleeping, sunbathing or looking out the window, the goal is for those who visit the Instagram account to leave the page with something positive about their day – a task made possible by the sweetness the cat shows.

“My favorite photos are those where they are just natural, which, however, require much less effort to obtain than the photos we try to take for special occasions, such as Christmas,” confirms the owner.

Feedback from people who follow the page, according to Beatrice, is quite positive. Friends describe the cat as touching, the fact is that the photos reach people from all over the world, the page is managed in English for easy access.

Despite the enormous success of Xeninhas, the intent is for Pages to remain as a hobby. Beatriz wants to continue posting pictures of the everyday life of cats, bringing something positive to everyone who comes across this digital phenomenon. “I am very happy with the way [a conta] It was growing, but I never aspired the page to be more than it is,” he concludes.

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