The Fiems System takes technology and science to Showtec in Maracaju

Students take their projects to Showtec

Students took their projects to Showtec – (Photo: Disclosure)

With many services focused on research, technology and science, Fiems has, through Sesi, Senai and IEL, been involved in assisting Showtec in Maracaju, one of the largest and largest agricultural fairs in the country. The official opening of the event, which started on Wednesday (25) and continues until Friday (27), was attended by several parties and names in the state’s agricultural business sector.

The Director of Sesi, Regis Borges, sought to present the developed projects in the field of education at the fair and to show how students are developing in relation to technology. “Showtec is a reference and our presence here is an opportunity to add to this association, this transformation, train our technologists and our youth and turn this into something of value to the industry. Not to mention supporting innovation, research and the industry.”

Sesi also introduced at Showtec the New Industrial Transformation Program (PTI), which looks for companies that want to capitalize on results through consulting, research and development. Another attraction that caught the public’s attention was the robotics team that presented the work developed in the Sesi Schools.

A reference in research and also in professional qualification, Senai has provided part of the services provided in technology and innovation aimed at agriculture. In addition to its strong performance with government industry, Senai has consultancy and programs that assist rural companies and producers, such as LabSenai Sementes (Seed Laboratory), part of the IST Alimentos e Bebidas (Senai Institute of Food and Beverage Technology) complex, located in Dorados that also provides services for the sector. Another attraction of the pavilion is the trailer with its mobile electrical and industrial automation lab, with space for training during the event.

Showtec continues until 27

In the opinion of Director of Senai Empresa and IST Alimentos e Bebidas, Thales Saad, participation in SHOTEC is an opportunity to share knowledge and introduce technologies that can transform operations inside and outside companies. “Senai has a very important role along with companies and technology to facilitate operations with research and consulting developed by specialized technicians, during these days visitors will be able to access our services and they will know more about what has been developed by Senai,” she said.

The largest agricultural event in Mato Grosso do Sul brings innovations in technology and business opportunities – Now in its 25th edition, the exhibition by Fundação MS is traditional and much awaited by rural producers and other agribusiness sectors. There are 120 exhibitors, expected to generate business interests in excess of R$150 million and expect to receive an audience of 15,000 visitors for three days. In addition, the event will feature lectures, discussions, presentations, hands-on presentations and activities that add value to agribusiness.

The Minister of Agriculture, Teresa Cristina, sent a recorded message of welcome during the event’s official opening, thanking the producer from telematics Mato Grosso for the support. “Exhibition has a very important role, it takes information and help for our products, which encourages business and the whole sector,” he said.

Governor Reinaldo Azambuga boosted Mato Grosso do Sul’s investments and incentives for agribusiness technology. “We are the country that invests the most in science and technology in Brazil. Showtec is a reflection of that and shows that we are progressing further and further. The challenge of providing technology and assistance to the entire sector. The MS Foundation has done essential work to overcome these challenges.”

For the president of the MS Foundation, Luciano Muzzi Mendes, this event was created as the largest technology fair in Mato Grosso do Sul. “This is the largest edition ever, the exhibition is part of our strategy to bring knowledge to producers and everyone involved in the agricultural sector. It brings all the experience created by our partners exhibiting products and services. The product and all that interested parties have access to a very large number.” information in one place.

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