Teleworking five days a week is an abuse of technology

This year’s IRGA ties in with its 2021 performance, the year he took the helm at Greenvolt and completely transformed it. What are the biggest challenges and achievements you have achieved during this period?

It was an opportunity to turn a biomass-only company into a renewable energy company and the first step was to define a strategy that should make sense and have comparative advantages. In biomass, it was easier because I was already working in the company, but in the field of central renewables [parques de maiores dimensões] It was necessary to find human and financial resources, then it was time to start making some acquisitions in the decentralized area [instalações de autoconsumo]. Then we did the IPO [entrada em bolsa] And we continued to make strong strides, both from an operational and financial standpoint, as we had access to the capital market in terms of debt. It’s been a really exciting year and the team and the contributors have been key. It was worth putting the pieces together.

Does this reveal the importance of leadership and team in the company?

The curious thing is that, a lot of times, people say they don’t because there are no strings attached, but we were able to prove, with this whole team, that it’s not true, and what is needed is desire and trust. Sometimes people assume that there are difficulties that do not exist, but you have to believe and be able to insist, and do not change your mind every five minutes.

How does Greenvolt tackle digital transformation and sustainability?

Companies cannot only think about profits, they have to think about the environment, the governmental and social model, not only in the communities in which they are located, but also in terms of workers. Having a motivating team is essential. Technology makes ESG easier [sigla em inglês que significa Environment (Ambiente), Social (social) e Governance (modelo de governo)], because it allows the implementation and measurement of environmental impacts, increases productivity, and technically increases the quality of work. But harmful uses of digitization should be avoided. For example, technology allows remote work, but be aware that working remotely five days a week is an abuse of technology. Human capital is wasted and discussion of ideas is very important in a company. Another example: the technology used to replace men with machines is not amazing. Men should be allowed to focus on value-added roles.

How are the risks of replacement or even dismissal avoided?

It takes intelligence to know how to use technology. These dangers, companies face only if they are not sustainable.

How does Greenvolt apply technology to sustainability?

In the government model, more than technology, it is a matter of concept, both in the composition of bodies and in the way decisions are made. In addition, technology helps, for example, in deciding what projects to carry out or how to perform scheduled maintenance. [aos parques e centrais] In order to make the least possible impact on the environment.

Greenvolt grew and changed in 2021, ignoring the economic effects of the pandemic. Will it be like the war in Ukraine?

The war has made the need for renewables more visible, because they are green and for energy security reasons, so, from this point of view, the demand for renewables is still greater than it used to be, which shows that we are on the right side of the equation. Then inflation puts pressure on the cost of capital, but energy costs have also gone up, so there’s not much to worry about. In addition, rising energy prices also encourage self-consumption, which is another factor that we drive in the company. Anyone who has a roof and does not use it is distracted.

There may then be an acceleration of projects…

Governments will take some measures to make the huge bottleneck of licensing less difficult – it’s not easier – everywhere, not just in Portugal. Decentralization does not create many problems. Everyone loves her, from right to left, so she has a very good future. The central position creates more problems. There is always a conflict between more renewable energy sources and biodiversity.

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