Slash – a pet-friendly Lisbon hairdresser not to be missed

The famous hairstylist who has tablets, music, dogs and… alcohol

Modern, digital, and irreverent slash: your hair will thank you. And your dog too, because he can come whenever he wants.

Sometimes when we go out and have to leave our dog at home, we feel sad that we can’t take him with us. They are always ready to march and, above all, to be with us. Fortunately, more and more companies are recognizing the need for teachers and animals to do activities together, which has opened up a range of options for families, especially in hotels and restaurants. But what if you want to go to the hairdresser with him? No problem, as there are also some pet friendly salons.

In Lisbon, Slash is one such example. Located in the Estefânia district, this salon/studio/gallery is a project by Olga Ferreira-Hilário, who has worked as a hairstylist for over 12 years in the UK and who later opened this hairdressing studio in October 2015. The Portuguese capital.

Calling it a hair salon is reductive. Hence the name Slash, which means slash. In this space there are hairdressing services – innovative and irreverent, where fantasy color is queen – but also an art gallery and a photography studio.

So it is called a multidisciplinary platform for its clients and creators. And the novelty breathes in all its pores, starting with the fact that the customer gets a tablet as soon as he enters, so he can see emails, read the news, whatever he wants, without wasting time. You can also choose the background music for the hall, all to make it an innovative experience.

welcome dog

Many clients pass through this salon, from anonymous announcers, models and actresses to television. And best of all? You can also take your dog along.

“We have a lot of clients who always bring their teammates, which is really fun because they get to know the team and get used to the space,” Ana Ferreira, director of communications at Slash, tells PiT.

On whether the fact that they are pet-friendly helps attract more clients, Anna Ferreira says she thinks “for animal lovers, this might be a point in their favour.” But, he sees, the salon’s popularity is due not only to it, but to being comfortable.

And if there were any doubts, they were dispelled in the presentation: “At Slash, the important thing is to be true to yourself. To your true self…whatever. If you’re a workaholic (who isn’t these days?), visit us!” We have a space for you to work while you’re with us. If you’re not sure what you want to do, come visit us! We have a team of experts ready to help you. Or hug you. If you think going to the salon is difficult, come visit us! There’s always something great going on here. “.

It continued. “If you are going through a hard time: the parrot has died, your partner has left you, and your boss will not leave you alone, come visit us! There’s not much we can do, but at least we have alcohol.”

“At Slash, we are committed to being a place where all dreamers dream. A safe space for people who love art and… well… poetry!” they say.

Risography helps Zoophilic Union

Being pet friendly isn’t just a trend in this show, as they have been helping and promoting animal projects since opening. One of them was Adocão and Anna Ferreira commented, “It was a huge success.” “All the dogs that were with us were adopted.”

On whether any news is in the works, the communications director says Slash will soon donate “money raised from the sale of Tamara Alves’ wrist.” “Tamara, like us, is an animal lover and has made a resograph for sale exclusively at Slash, where all the money raised will be donated to União Zofila,” he explains.

Tamara Elvis has been following Slash since its inception and there is an illustration signed by the artist on one of the walls of the space.

Celebrities who pass

“Without being attached to animals, this is nothing new, but we are in high season for weddings, so we are ready to do hair and make-up for all guests and brides in Lisbon and its surroundings! We have a very convenient service for guests where we do hair and make-up within 30 minutes for 55 euros “Contact us to make an appointment,” Anna Ferreira says.

And speaking of weddings, one of the brides with her hair was presenter Andrea Rodriguez, who appeared in one of the photos on Slash’s website with her little dog Roma on her lap.

In other photos of “business” signed by Slash we can see actresses like Paula Lobo Antunes or Marta Melro. But not only Portuguese. In an Instagram post, the salon displays a photo of Ursula Corbero, with the following description: “Being in Lisbon, of course Tokyo from @lacasadepapel chose Slash for her haircut, right?”.

Call Pricing on Slash

The other detail—which, these days, is a big deal—is the price, which is very affordable.

The cost of the men’s reduction is 38 euros. For women, the price ranges from 45 to 65 euros, depending on whether you are attended by a stylist, stylist or art director. Laundry follows the same logic, ranging from €20 to €60. And there are a few goodies: Trimming bangs, for example, is free for those who are already Slash customers.

But the best thing is to refer to the price list to stay up to date on everything, not forgetting to also look at the packages and menus.

Scroll through the gallery to see some of Slash’s work.

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