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Ivete Sangalo is the artist who has appeared in the ranking of the 100 most read articles in the 11 years of g1 Bahia’s activities. Paine Juazeiro, located in the north of the state, is the most popularly searched by the public on this news page.

Next Friday (27) the singer turns 50 and will celebrate a free concert in her homeland. The celebrations and honors have already begun. g1 Bahia has listed the 10 most accessed articles about Ivete Sangalo. Checklist:

1 – Helping him walk

Carnival 2019: Yvette helps street vendors who have broken styrofoam

Carnival 2019: Yvette helps street vendors who have broken styrofoam

At the 2019 Carnival, during the Coruja Parade at Barra-Ondina Circuit, in Salvador, Ivete halted the presentation to help a street vendor, who had Styrofoam boxes used to sell beer to revelers, broken as the trio went electric. [Assista ao vídeo acima]

The problem was caused by the large number of people who followed the show. Since the seller had become desperate after breaking the styrofoam, Ivete promised to buy the material, so that the seller would not be confused, and it was well received by the public.

“Are you the one who has Styrofoam? Don’t cry, I’ll buy the Styrofoam that broke, I’ll buy it now. Don’t cry, sister, because that is the case. I saw it, they were two huge Styrofoam, full of beer. There will be more beer than there was. There. Keep it. Don’t worry, I’ll organize it there.”

This subject The third most accessible in all history From g1 Bahia, it has already achieved more than 2 million clicks.

2- The birth of twins Marina and Helena

Twin daughters, Ivete Sangalo, were born in Salvador

Twin daughters, Ivete Sangalo, were born in Salvador

The second most read report on the artist, with Over 1.5 million visitsHe was about to give birth to their two daughters, Marina and Helena. Sangalo gave birth on Saturday Carnival in 2018. In a social media post, she said that she was “the happiest mother in the world” and was enjoying “the best carnival of her life”.

Claudia Litt's father wears Yvette Sangalo's mask over the trio

Claudia Litt’s father wears Yvette Sangalo’s mask over the trio

That year, Yvette, who is also Marcelo’s mother, did not participate in a fun parade in Salvador for the first time due to her pregnancy. Despite this, he was not left out of the party. The singer’s face masks were distributed to the concert circles. Singer Claudia Litt’s father even used one of them [veja vídeo acima] And Marcio Victor, leader of Psereco, dressed in her honor.

3 – Back to post-maternity leave

Yvette sings No Groove when she returns to the stage in Salvador

Yvette sings No Groove when she returns to the stage in Salvador

Yvette’s return to the stage, or rather to the electric triples, after the birth of her daughters, also led to great mobilization and Got nearly a million hits in g1 bahia. The singer turned the waterfront of Salvador into a real carnival, in a free show that lasted more than three hours.

“I have my own carnival,” he said at the time. She called the party “Carnival da Vivita” and added new songs to the music programme. Between pauses, he remembered the girls, newborns at the time: “The breasts are already full of milk. When I get home, I empty it.”

Belly ‘heavy’, Yvette asked the audience for permission to sit on a show – Photo: Alan Tiago Alves / G1

Yvette’s last show before maternity leave was in Salvador, on New Year’s Eve. Her huge belly, and after the traditional countdown to the beginning of the year from 2017 to 2018, she asked the audience for permission to sit down. “The belly is heavy,” he said. “It’s love so big that it weighs.”

4 – recovery from meningitis

Medical leaflet Ivete Sangalo – Photo: reproduction

In December 2011 Yvette panicked fans when she spent a few days in a private hospital in the capital of Bahia. She had benign non-infectious meningitis. For this reason, at least two shows in the busy schedule have been canceled.

5- Carnival of clowns

Daniel Cady and Yvette Sangalo dressed as clowns – Photo: Instagram / Instagram

On the last day of the Carnival in Salvador, in 2017, singer Yvette Sangalo fell into a popcorn bust. The singer dressed up as a clown, as did other friends and family, and enjoyed the dodo ring (para ondina). In anonymity, he accompanied the performances of colleagues such as Durval Lelys, Claudia Leitte, Armandinho and Xanddy, of the band Harmonia do Samba, as he celebrated in one of the boxes on the ring.

6 – Soiree in a bar in Trancuso

Duet Elba Ramalho and Yvette Sangalo

Duet Elba Ramalho and Yvette Sangalo

In October last year, the Bahian appeared by surprise and sang in a bar in Trancoso, a tourist destination in Porto Seguro, in the far south of the state. Videos posted on social media show Yvette alongside Elba Ramalho and Rogério Flausino, the captain of the Jota Quest squad.

Among the songs of the small musical repertoire improvised by the trio, which were welcomed by those present, were “Espumas ao Vento” sung by Fagner from Ceará and “Dona da Minha Cabeça” by Geraldo Azevedo from Pernambuco. At the time, Yvette spent a few days resting at the Paradise Place with her husband, nutritionist Daniel Cady.

Ivete records DVDs in Trancoso, Bahia – Photo: Rafa Mattei / Disclosure

Two years ago, Trancoso was the place Evity chose to record an audio DVD. Tickets for the two-day performances at the theater sold out in less than an hour.

7 – Birthday with a pocket show in the building for fans

Ivete at a pocket show in the building where she lives on her birthday – Image: Reproduction/Instagram

On May 27, 2018, when she turned 46, Yvette Sangalo surprised dozens of fans by improvising a pocket show at the door of the apartment she lives in, in Salvador. It is already customary for fans of the artist to gather at the entrance to the residence, every year, to present and congratulate her. But this time, an exclusive show was given to the public.

8 – Marilia Mendonca’s conquest on stage

Ivete Sangalo goes up on stage during the performance of Marília Mendonça and is blocked by security

Ivete Sangalo goes up on stage during the performance of Marília Mendonça and is blocked by security

In 2019, Bahian attempted to “invade” the stage during a Marilia Mendonca concert in Salvador and was stopped by security. Realizing the situation, Srtanega “released” her colleague and the situation resulted in good laughs.

Ivete Sangalo and Marília Mendonça sing together – Photo: Disclosure

A year ago, the two together recorded the song “O Nosso Amor Venceu”, which is part of the DVD Ivete Sangalo Live Exprerience. When Marilia died in a plane crash, at the end of 2021, Juazeirense regretted the loss and posted a social media post.

9 – “Stalk” on Mariah Carey’s Instagram

Ivete Sangalo posted a photo with Mariah Carey on Instagram – Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

Ivete Sangalo has driven Mariah Carey’s Brazilian fans crazy, after she made a series of amusing comments on US Instagram posts. The clippings were recorded in publications published by Maria on August 29, 27, 22 and 18, 2018.

In addition, in the same period, Vivita published a photo of the two of them, on her own account, which was recorded during the pop star’s visit to Brazil in 2012.

Joking though, Mariah actually follows the Brazilian singer on Instagram. However, it is not known whether she started following Ivete before or after the interactions.

10- Donate disposable diapers

Ivete Sangalo promises a diaper year for children at the Salvador Carnival

Ivete Sangalo promises a diaper year for children at the Salvador Carnival

Singer Yvette Sangalo promised to give diapers for a year to a girl who watched the triple parades on the fourth day of Carnival in Salvador, in 2020.

Yvette noticed that the girl was shirtless, and asked for the baby’s name: Sophia. “Put a T-shirt on her when it’s windy, Mom. I miss my girls [filhas gêmeas, Marina e Helena]. God bless you, Sophia. I wish you a beautiful life and opportunities, said the singer above the trio.

Infographic Ivete Sangalo – Photo: Arte / g1

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