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Good customer relationships and quick problem resolution for CRM companies like Apex America remain essential to more expressive growth in the country.

The pet market continues to grow in Brazil. In 2021, pet products, services and trade reported revenue of R$51.7 billion, an increase of 27% over the previous year, according to Brazil’s Pet Institute. In total, 54.2 million dogs and 23.9 million are cared for by Brazilians today, according to the IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics) and many consider their pets to be “real babies.” As a result, the demand for animal health care plans has also increased by 35% in recent years, according to Célebre Corretora.

“Just like with people, pets’ lives are unpredictable. Today you can be healthy and tomorrow you may have a health problem or have an accident. That’s why we created Amigoo Pet, which provides 24 hour coverage across the national territory, offering Inpatient services, vaccination, outpatient, surgery and more intermediate services,” notes Luiz Genova, CEO of Amigoo Pet, a veterinary care company that has been in the country since 2014.

However, for all stages of this process to progress, from primary care to animal improvement, it is necessary to involve committed professionals, cutting-edge technology and efficient processes, ie: having an intelligent back office.

“All the pieces have to move satisfactorily when we talk about customer service, especially in health cases, because a person is emotionally shaken, after all, weakened by their pet, which is often considered family. So the approach to phone or chat service time needs To this sensitivity on the part of the employee who will be redirecting the service,” adds Andre Pandolfi, CEO of Apex América Brasil, a company that has just opened the operation responsible for serving Amigoo’s pet customers.

He says that the service of solving all the bureaucratic parts of sending the animal, counseling, procedures and subsequent payment of the plan is still rare in Brazil, and it is called a very complicated process, precisely because of all the details that characterize the service.

“For us, it is interesting to show that there is this service that is tailor-made for Taylor, that is, it is completely customized. In this case, relationship companies need to pay more special attention to who they come in contact with, and this is done through specific training of the attendees – regardless of The technology used The human factor is of paramount importance because we are talking about the life of an animal that is part of the family, Pandolfi analyzes.

On the one hand, if knowing how to hire professionals in a relationship with the end consumer is a highly valued competence, on the other hand, this is also part of the DNA of Apex América Brasil. “We distinguish ourselves specifically by serving highly complex operations, advising at different stages of the customer journey through to solving a problem. We serve the most diverse business models and our mission is to leave the world better than we found it. We don’t just think about business. , but we prioritize the well-being of society as a whole,” Pandolfi adds.

The size of the pet market is huge and experts’ expectations are for a more pronounced development after the pandemic. “We know that as the economic scenario improves, the trend is for people to invest more in their pets. In fact, our latest data shows that 81% of Brazilians will spend whatever it takes to keep their pets safe and healthy,” adds Luiz, from Amigoo Pet. He concludes, “Having a team like Apex that puts the customer at the center of everything, and delivers an efficient service, has only helped us provide a better experience for Brazilians these days.”

About Amigoo Pet

A healthcare company for dogs and cats, founded in 2014 by executives with experience in the insurance market. Amigoo Pet’s mission is to “make dogs and cats enjoy every moment with their families, with greater health and quality of life”.

Among the various channels and business models, such as optional sales, compulsory plans and bonus programs, there are more than 200,000 customers in our base.

In 2021, there were more than 9 thousand calls. I also launched a new connection, in addition to the pet service, I also created a trip for the teacher, who rents the Amigoo Pet plan, has personal accident insurance of R$5,000, a monthly incentive withdrawal of R$5,000 and download the app, you will have a club of benefits with Discounts on products, services and over 200 establishments.

Finally, this year, a remote online guidance service was launched, through which a customer can chat or video chat with a veterinarian 24 hours a day for non-emergency clarifications.

About Apex

Apex America is a next generation BPO & CX partner aiming to design, implement and manage the best experiences in various customer service channels, using the best technology solutions. Powered by Google Cloud technology, Customer Experience Services follows a service design model that allows you to understand, design, and deliver experiences that increase customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, and revenue for businesses that entrust their customers to Apex. For 18 years, it has been a strategic partner of more than 50 global brands. A leading company in Latin America, with headquarters in 6 countries and 15 call centers.

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