Roller Champions is fun and innovative, but it has a lot to improve

Roller heroes Ubisoft’s new bet will be to gear up once and for all in the sports market. The game was first revealed at E3 2019; Then it underwent several closed tests between 2020 and 2021. Now, it will finally be released to the public, in a free-to-play (free to play, but with microtransactions) model, on Wednesday (25) for PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4.

The game has been promoting a constant movement ever since Republic of Riders, a sports game from Ubisoft that was released in October 2021. But now the company is no longer trying to embrace multiple sports at the same time to focus on just one sport: a whole new sport, mixing roller derby (skates), basketball and other football. world-renowned methods.

The result is a fun and entertaining game with gameplay that is completely different from any that Ubisoft has offered in recent years. However, some problems remain: Roller heroes It has serious performance and online connectivity issues, as well as its lack of graphics, soundtrack, and character customization

The Canaltech He already tried the title in 2020, but was able to test it again – on PC, through Ubisoft Connect – a few days before the final release invited by Ubisoft. Next, check out our considerations.

A word of caution: don’t be fooled by these super realistic graphics. The game is not like that (Photo: Disclosure / Ubisoft)

The gameplay is easy to learn but hard to master

Let’s start by talking about how to play it Roller heroes shines. The proposal is to introduce a new sport to the public, completely different from what we are used to, that we play in an arena with the fans. The more you play, the more people fill the stands.

The match is played by two teams of three athletes each in a circular arena. A ball (similar to a basketball) drops randomly into this arena, and players must pick it up and release it into a basket to score points. The more laps the team completes with the ball in hand, the more points it collects. Whoever scores five points first or has the most points before the time runs out wins.

The secret is to never leave the ball with the same person (screen capture: Felipe Golden Boy/Canaltech)

However, staying with the ball is not an easy task: your opponent can push you and cause you to lose the ball – if they catch it, the number of points will be reset to zero, and it starts back and forth in the ring from all over the place repeatedly. Therefore, the most important tactic will always be to keep allies in a good position in the ring and pass the ball constantly to avoid surprises.

It is practically a game of cat and mouse, which rewards whoever is faster and more daring: sometimes, it will pay off to slalom or jump high to avoid bumps; When it’s time to catch the opponent’s ball, turning around and trying to surprise them from the front can work.

Sometimes you’ll need bold strategies to catch the ball – or not let anyone steal it from you (Screenshot: Felipe Goldenboy/Canaltech)

You’ll need to practice a bit to learn the basics (and a lot to master). There are also some “stealth” tricks, such as trying to always stay behind another player to move faster – the vacuum of air makes you lighter – or doing aerial dribbling to protect yourself from multiple enemies at once.

The game is free but with microtransactions

As we mentioned before, Roller heroes It is a free game that contains microtransactions and a battle card, which will be divided into two parts: one with free rewards and the other limited to real money payers. And, of course, the best skin and cosmetics are highly paid.

It may take some time to get a new look for your character (Screenshot: Felipe Goldenboy/Canaltech)

The Battle Pass is sold for 500 Wheels (the game’s virtual currency), which is equivalent to 19.99 Brazilian Reals. Leather, which can be full clothing, helmets, gloves and skate shoes, ranges from 200 to 2,000 wheels. A full “El Pollo Loco” costume, which includes head-to-toe items, costs 2,000 wheels, roughly R$80. It’s a salty price, but not much different from what the industry practices.

However, it is impossible not to question the company’s games: Hyperscape, a battle royale game released as a beta in 2020, which was retired earlier this year, and all players who purchased items were not refunded; Previously Ghost Recon Break Point It served as a test run for the company’s project NFTs (Non-Exchangeable Tokens) and was closed months later. Our advice? Wait a few months to invest money in it Roller heroes. See how the public will receive it before opening your wallet.

On the other hand, Ubisoft made sure to stress to the press that the game’s philosophy is to put all players on an equal footing. Therefore, the company pledges not to release items that alter the gameplay or performance of competitors.

The game is poorly optimized and unstable

Character creation system is poor in options, avatars seem to have no life (screenshot: Felipe Golden Boy/Canaltech)

While we’re talking about the theme of skins, we need to criticize the game’s lack of customization – an issue that’s been around since the 2020 preview. When creating your avatar, you can just change the face shape, skin color, body shape.. that’s just it. Your character even starts to go bald (but the helmet hides the baldness a bit). So much so that in the first matches I played, all the players on both teams were exactly the same. It’s as if Ubisoft is giving you that “pay” to buy a different outfit or haircut.

Everyone’s alike (Screenshot: Felipe Golden Boy/Canaltech)

Another disappointment was the graphics. The game doesn’t look very realistic, and that’s okay; However, everything seems to look more beautiful in the trailers and teaser photos. In the settings screen, the customization options on a PC are almost trivial: you can only choose between “High” or “Low” quality options, as well as the “FXAA”, “SMAA” and “TXAA” smoothing modes. There is no description of the difference between each of the options, i.e. for those without technical knowledge, it’s just a shuffling of meaningless characters.

Another detail that has persisted since 2020 is the lack of an audio clip during matches. On the other hand, in the lists, the playlist of licensed music plays very interestingly. In the settings, there is an option for a live broadcast that leaves the game in complete silence. I Missed Music is copyright free, so players can enjoy audio without having to open another parallel program. I also wanted to see the game dubbed in Brazilian Portuguese. However, all texts and translations are translated into our language.

In our tests, we also had performance issues: the game experienced a sudden drop in FPS (frames per second) during gameplay, but remained stable during restart times, for example. Turning off V-Sync in the settings took the hassle out, but it’s pretty frustrating in a game that weighs around 4GB of internal storage. Online matches were also unstable: the game shut down by itself several times, and it was common for players to be kicked out in the middle of a match (or to be stuck in the middle of the field).

Upon questioning, Ubisoft explained that the instability occurred because we played on a server in the US. Dedicated servers, such as those in Brazil, will only be available at launch. This should ensure a more fluid experience for players, without lags or glitches as we’ve seen.

Is Roller Champions Worth It?

Roller Champions have huge survival potential (Image: Reproduction/Ubisoft)

Roller heroes It is a good game, and it can yield interesting moments of fun between friends. Since it’s free – and very light, and takes up around 4GB of storage – it’s worth giving the Sport version a shot.

Although the game is interesting, it has many edges to cut. We’re excited to see how Ubisoft will keep people interested in constant updates and additions. After all, with each game lasting only seven minutes, in a few hours you’ll feel like you’ve seen everything the game has to offer.

Roller heroes It has versions for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The game works on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S with backward compatibility.

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