RIC will invest R$ 20 million in new technology and business units

“I intend to take this company to double its revenue. And 30% of it will come from digital,” estimates the President of the RIC Group, Leonardo Petrelli, anticipating a promising scenario for the next five years.

The RIC Group delivered its best financial and collective result in 2021, on the eve of its 35 years of activities, which it is completing this year. With 25% growth in revenue, it ended 2021 with Ebitda (earnings before interest and taxes) at 32% and net income at 22%. The merger of the company as the largest multi-platform producer in Paraná, and one of the largest regional telecom operators in the country, will be expressed in the new brand, which will be launched in the second half of May.

A large-scale advertising campaign across the state of Paraná and in vehicles of national scale positions the company as the market leader in multi-platform delivery and deputy audience leader among televisions in Paraná, with the motto “the largest multimedia group in Paraná”. The largest subsidiary of Record and Jovem Pan, the group speaks monthly to 4.5 million TV viewers, 1.6 million on radio, 3.6 million on the RIC Mais portal and has 2 million subscribers on Youtube channels, plus another 2 million on Facebook and Instagram.

“We produce more than 190 million impacts per month, which represents for the advertiser an aggressive and broad media plan with complementary audiences. Together we are the strongest and we have the largest audience in Paraná,” say the President and his colleagues – group founder Leonardo Petrelli. The current stage of growth comes from a plan that began five years ago, during which time the company has invested about R$30 million in switching to the analog park of its radio and television sets. In 2022, a new round of investments, worth R$20 million, will boost the RICtech project, becoming a media technology company.

“Our challenge is to transform ourselves into a data company, being more connected to our audience, through all the platforms available. TV is no longer just TV, radio is TV, magazines are also online, everyone is on social networks. Today we are no longer talking with A fixed audience, but with IP addresses for everyone interested in Parana, whether they are here or anywhere in the world,” says Petrelli.

This year’s growth target is 25%. The calculation takes into account the arrival of new vehicles, such as Jovem Pan News radio stations, in Curitiba and Lendrina, which opened in the first quarter, and others about to go live in Maringa. It is also associated with the creation of new business units, which led to the emergence of unprecedented segments in the group and for the market.

The new business units are expanding the group’s operations and strengthening its presence in the digital world, with audiences growing on social networks. RIC Lab will lead innovation within the company, as an audiovisual production arm in a state-of-the-art studio dedicated to bringing services to market, as well as other locations, to reach new audiences through partnerships. RIC Podcast allows you to create custom teams for each programme, from building from content to the best client distribution strategy to ensure audience. Also in video format, it can be produced within a RIC radio architecture or In the company. RIC Play will be an OTT platform, gathering all RIC Group production into one consumption environment.

Other already combined brands have been restructured. Through the RIC Rural Hub, the traditional agribusiness television press program is gaining new ground, incorporating other services from the agricultural world to expand its reach and provide content on radio, print and digital. Spark, an influencer marketing platform, has expanded its branded commerce and social team. As a result, advertisers’ campaigns also gain special regulation of performance in the influencer market. In addition, the unit begins to manage the work of all the influencers in the group. New developments also include the launch of Joy Eventos, which focuses on producing events and shows, and Quintal Ventures, a unit set up by the group that will invest R$2 million in accelerating startups over the course of this year.

The Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 temporarily halted the 20% growth the group had been rising each year. It had a greater impact on the group’s broadcasting revenues, especially with the blow to the entertainment sector. But the recovery came very quickly. Last year, revenue started growing again and exceeded estimates for the average 2022. The television industry continued to develop, particularly in the countryside, with a major expansion at Londrina, Maringa and Cascavel stations, where it won the vice command.

In addition, the company from Parana did not shrink and did not shoot. On the contrary, it augmented teams with new skills and made radio purchases that boosted coverage. Focusing on opportunities, Petrelli anticipates he’s on the cusp of buying a from the man (External media companies such as street furniture and billboards). The businessman also sees a promising scenario for the next five years. “I intend to take this company to double its revenue,” Petrelli estimates. “And 30% of it will come from digital.”

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