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good morning. These are the most important news items printed in national newspapers today, Wednesday, May 25, 2022.

In the morning mail:

– “PJ trap chase tax room. Caught with envelopes of money”

– “Benfica. Schmidt is happy” in one of the best clubs in the world

– “Family court judge accused of domestic violence”

– “A debt divorce in Viseu. The justice of the peace filed a complaint against her husband and reported his ill-treatment.”

– “Say coins to the Prime Minister. Closing Avenida means kicking people out.”

– “The war in Ukraine. Three months of hell”

– “A new world record in the waves of Nazareth”

– “Sporting. Millions of Rafael Leao push forward”

– “FC Porto. Dragon refuses to leave Marchesin without return”

– “Loan. Interest burns 8.28 million from the grief of the vultures”

– “Pandemic. Sixth spot costs 30 million hours”

– “Taxes. 41.8% tax burden on workers”

– “Last Minute. Texas Elementary School Massacre”

In the public:

– “Immigrants who returned in 2021 don’t know how to get a tax cut”

Three months of war: the Russian offensive on Donbass enters its most decisive phase

Daniel Libeskind: A museum is what happens to those who visit it.

– “The Party and the Future: The Public Security Directorate questions direct elections and opens the doors to primaries.”

– “Food hazards: Portugal uses dangerous pesticides in fruit cultivation”

Violence in America: Texas shooting kills 14 children and teachers

– “Missing Beds: The Only Prison Hospital in the Country with No Spaces for the Mentally Ill”

In the Newspaper:

– “Drugs are making astronomical profits with the emerging corona virus.”

Three thousand students take an exploratory test on the computer.

– “The program that pays for medicines for the poor reduces the cost of social media services”

– “Benfica: Schmidt is betting heavily on players trained in Seksal”

– “Interview: “People are tired of superficial politics, The Voice”: Moreira da Silva, candidate for PSD leader”

“False Bill Scheme Diverts Millions of European Money”

– “Porto: An old man praises a woman and falls into a millionaire scam”

– “OECD: Portuguese punished with more taxes”

– “TGV: Porto-Lisbon in an hour and a quarter 2028”

– United States: A young gunman kills 14 people and a teacher in a school.

– “Braga: Protection of minors follows the abandoned child”

In the News Diary:

– “Tourism demands to stay away from “fines” for exceeding fixed-term contracts.

– “100 Years of Ribeiro Telles: ‘Gonçalo is much more than Lisbon, his thinking is global'”

– “Providing support to farmers: the order has been signed but is now implemented only”

– “Africa Day: Searching for solutions to write one’s history”

– “Caliphate: Montenegro demands ‘popular and inland’ PSD”

– “Budget 2022: From ‘dumb’ to ‘witty’ ideas, the proposal is voted on”

– “Angela Lemos: “The Polytechnic of Setúbal will arrive in Sens, says the president”

– “Cinema: 40 Years of ET – The Outraterrestrial”

– “Benfica: Schmidt has arrived and acknowledges the changes”

In the the inevitable:

– ‘Russia lacks forces’

– “Carlos Carreiras no i: “Rio turned the PSD into a partisan caricature”

Jason Halford, President of the European Society for the Study of Obesity: “People who are obese internalize this and end up stigmatizing themselves.”

– “Deco study: 40% of Portuguese say they do not have savings that would allow them to overcome a worsening crisis”

– “OE 2022: There was talk of “fraud” and papers were circulated with the definition of the word “hypocritical””

– ‘Showroom: PJ forms 37 accused after 54 search warrants’

– “Parliament: Proposals to cancel the failed golden visas.”

Camille Vasquez: Depp’s lawyer who jumped into the spotlight

In the a job:

– “The state risks returning 2.6 billion to gas stations”

– “Going back to coal? Portugal doesn’t want to go back”

– “Lisbon comes out of the war as the seventh best stock exchange”

– “MSC Group: World’s largest shipowner buys Portuguese company”

– “Role: Inflation and “Zero Covid” in China worry the navigator”

– “Actions: The Minas Gerais sector ascends to the first league in the dividends rankings”

In the register:

– “I swear by love. Schmidt arrived, started work and spread sympathy”

– “Ristic Right for 3 Seasons. Eagle Offers a Percentage on Enzo’s Sale to the River”

– “Sporting. Matthews Reiss”

– “FC Porto. Semedo is waiting for Conceicao, yes”

– “League Conference. Roma – Feyenoord: Mourinho is looking for a fifth European title”

In the the ball:

– “Love at first sight. Roger Schmidt confesses his admiration for the Eagle and addresses the hearts of Benfica fans”

– “Sporting. Balliniha and Matthew Nunes at the exit”

– “FC Porto. Conceição Report”

Jose Mourinho wants to be the third coach to win three European Championships.

Nor the game:

– “Unanimous Conceição: O JOGO survey of personalities from the FC Porto world on the 2021/20 balance sheet”

Benfica: Schmidt arrives with confidence

– “Sporting: La miolo caution: Assédio a Palhinha and Matheus Nunes may force midfield redesign”

Braga: “Arthur Jorge will break records”: Franzirigo is betting on the new coach and winning the trophies

– “In Guimarães: The Arrival of Ogawa”

– “Roma-Feenoord: Mourinho for history: Conference League final can win his fifth European professional title”

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