New Starmaster and Soul Reaper chapters are coming to Ragnarok Online

Ragnarök Online, one of the most popular games in Brazil, has just received one of the most awaited updates by the community. Through it, the Taekwon Master and Spirituality classes are receiving their latest development, which is now available.

Star Master is the evolution of Taekwon Master, who continues his journey through the cosmic alignment of the sun, moon and stars, acquiring skills related to these astral bodies, and who now, due to the improvement of the game, can use the power of the universe. The Reaper of Souls is the development of Spiritualists who now follow the path of shadows and spirits. The class is now able to inflict black magic damage and harvest souls that roam the spirit planes.

More details on the update below via a press release. Ragnarok Online can be downloaded from the official website.

The first dungeon Illusion Mode has finally arrived in Brazil, with the latest updates from the Korean Ragnarök Online (kRO) server. Caves of Illusions are maps with no drop penalty or trial, unlike Nightmare Mode, monsters can drop special equipment with up to four random rewards. Cave One is a map inspired by the abandoned cave village of Bayonne, where you can find daily quests to ensure plenty of experience for levels over 100. Perfect for those who are tired of killing Magmarings!

Moon Illusion: Caves of Illusions

All illusion equipment is cultivable within the cave itself, and can receive random rewards and specific magic, such as runes or badges. Players will be able to face a dummy copy of Moonlight Flower and get the new MVP card, as well as other cards from new monsters.

To get to Illusion of the Moon, you have to do an initial mission starting in Payon.

Field battle queue

A new button will be added in the UI, allowing him to queue up to access Ground Battles (Krieger Von Midgard, Arena Flavius, or Tierra Canyon) without having to click the chat window above the NPC in the Campal queue.

This will make it easier for players who want to participate in this “MOBA” mode in Ragnarök Online.

New orders

Sometimes it is impossible to see the non-playable characters in the game with a large number of players standing in front of them, using the Ctrl + End command, all players will be transparent, which improves visibility.

Another new command is Alt + X, which allows you to directly open the Visual Equipment Window, without having to open Alt + Q and then click the Specials tab.

It will help you when it comes to seeing dark leathers or gear that you won’t be wearing.

Expand damage width

With the deliberate increase in player damage, the damage width was not keeping up with the large numbers dealt. You invested heavily in equipment and was excited to test the damage done to you, but only “999999” appeared on the screen.

This new update makes a correction to the damage screen, which can show values ​​higher than 1 million.

ammunition replenishment

Some classes need buffs to use their abilities, but getting some of them wasn’t very friendly. With the ammo update, all non-playable auxiliary characters will now sell the Poisoned Knife, which is required for the mercenary’s “Poisoned Knife” skill. Each city with tool shop will have 4 specific NPCs of classes of Archer, Ninja, Blacksmith and Punisher, selling ammo and other items needed for their basic skills. In addition, they will already have the possibility to create new shivers, magazines and ammunition packages for easier loading.

Players will be able to carry new Kunai Scrolls, petrol packages, and cartridges. In addition, NPCs will now sell all colors of gems and provide bags to hold up to 500 gems each. And to make it easier, the weight of the gems has been reduced.

Hunger Bar for Pets and Homunculus

Probably each of the Ragnarok players had a lovely boringa as their first pet, which after a few hours ended up running away due to lack of food. To prevent more players from suffering from this shock, the game now contains an indication of when they are hungry. A new bar will appear under it, and when it turns red, it will indicate that your pet needs to be fed.

Training center

The Test Eggs in Prontera and at the Junior Institute have been a hit with players who love to test their builds.Prontera Satellite City. With them in mind, Gravity decided to create the Prontera Training Center, a map filled with barriers of all characteristics, genders and sizes, so that there was no doubt about the effectiveness of that equipment in tests.

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