Microsoft announces Project Volterra تطوير Development Kit

Today was the first day of Microsoft Buildingan event organized by the company only for professionals working in application development.

In addition to launching Microsoft adsthe advertising platform that will allow greater access to a dedicated audience, we also learned the first details about Volterra projectplatform development toolkit snapdragon and multiple connections.

See all that has been announced now.

Volterra project

Equipped with a processor snapdragon whose details have not been disclosed, and Volterra project It is the latest version of Microsoft For developers that’s supposed to be available “in the next few weeks”. The company announced that it is focused on letting these professionals get ahead with this product, which also has its own Neural Processing Unit (NPU).

Microsoft development kit called Project Volterra
The new was announced during Microsoft Build today (Image: Playback/Internet)

with architecture arm, it was announced that the Development Kit is ready to run applications that developers frequently use. are they:

  • Full Visual Studio 2022 & VSCode;
  • Visual C++;
  • Modern version of .NET 6 and Java;
  • The classic .NET framework;
  • Windows Terminal
  • WSL and WSA for running Linux and Android applications.

The main focus with the launch Volterra project is to allow that, rather than being a simple extension that “only” runs these programs, the suite is a native tool arm. During Microsoft Build, it was possible to notice that the set contains:

  • 3 USB ports
  • 1 DisplayPort
  • 1 ethernet connection.

Developed using recycled plastic from the ocean, it will be possible to stack two or more units of PVolterra project In their offices or even rooms with servers.

We want you to build native AI applications in the cloud. With the original arm64 visual studio, .NET support, and Project Volterra arriving later this year, we’re launching new tools to help you take the first step on this journey.

Panos Banai, President of Windows Hardware and Hardware

Microsoft Store Ads

Although widely used by users windowsa Microsoft App developers are still not allowed to promote their projects within the store where they are available. This changes as of today with the launch of Microsoft Store Adsan advertising platform that allows professionals to invest within Microsoft Store Focusing on increasing downloads.

Microsoft Store homepage
Developers may push disclosure of requests (Image: Reproduction/Microsoft)

One example cited was a development studio (or independent professional) that wanted to appeal to an audience that loved music. across the Microsoft adsit is enough for the developers to indicate the audience they want to reach and pay for the campaign and that’s it, the algorithm will take care of spreading the application widely.

Microsoft Store Ads Dashboard
The company will allow tracking of all phases of the campaign (Image: clone / internet)

During today’s event, little information was shared that 100% of transactions made through Microsoft will be passed on to developers, but details of how this will happen and a specific date were not released.

end of the list Get ready for Win32 applications

Before making your apps available for download from the App Store MicrosoftDevelopers working on projects for 32-bit versions need to queue everything up for deeper analysis.

The company announced the end of this “blockade” and all people can now send their projects to Microsoft Storewithout the need for prior approval. Another common novelty is automated submission through APIs fori work github or comfortwith traceability performed by CC/CD build pipeline.

Microsoft Publishing Store
Microsoft Store Publish is open to everyone (Image: Reproduction / Microsoft)

If you want to test the audience and even view the application on Microsoft Store Prior to release to the public, the developer can choose to change the visibility of the application in Win32.

In addition to accessing metrics that will help you learn more about the entire download process (from search to installation), these same professionals will also be able to respond to comments sent by users.

Microsoft Store homepage
Application submission simplified (Photo: Playback / Microsoft)

The Microsoft We hope these changes will allow Win32 app developers to get more embedding and invite everyone to publish their work on their App Store.

Microsoft Def Box

The latest news for developers is Microsoft Def Boxa solution that allows the creation of a virtual machine where these professionals can work within their devices or from anywhere else in the world, since virtual machines are dedicated in the Microsoft cloud.

The main purpose of this release is to allow developers to always have a “just” ready machine for developing projects, which can be reused in other applications or even deleted when everything is done.

Microsoft dev box
Microsoft Dev Box will allow creation of a virtual machine for creating applications (Image: Playback/Internet)

In addition to being accessible online, ensuring mobility, everything development funds It integrates with Microsoft 365, enabling collaborative work. It is possible to switch between a physical and virtual computer with a simple click, and the company also announced that managers can manage all virtual computers through their own panel for this task.

Microsoft dev box admin panel
The painting can be accessed by studio administrators (Image: reproduction/internet)

Announced today, all interested parties can order tests from Microsoft Def Box through a special form. In addition to having support for any IDE, SDK, and software tools commonly used by developers, a Microsoft Def Box Can be used to create applications for linuxacross the Windows Subsystem.

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