Lawyer: Sport is not in danger of losing control of the stadium in the second division due to the confusion of the fans

  • Sports chief believes in punishment: ‘Pray they are not’
  • Corinthians say the game’s delegate has been alerted

According to a lawyer who specializes in sports law, Luis Eduardo Barbosa, who was contacted by the General Intelligence Agency to analyze possible penalties against the sport, the only way the main team would suffer some kind of penalty in the Brazilian championship is if Ilha do Retiro is banned because of the confusion caused by organization members.

The aggression of members of the Sports Organization against Corinthians fans against Ilha do Retiro – Photo: Marlon Costa / Pernambuco Press

This is stipulated in Article 211 of the CBJD (Failure to maintain the venue designated for the event with the necessary infrastructure to ensure full guarantee and security for its realization), which also provides for a fine of R$100 to R$100,000 annually for the club. In this case, Sport will have to send its games elsewhere, but with the right of the public.

Incidentally, according to Luís Eduardo Barbosa, the STJD prosecutor can ask to block Ilha do Retiro in a preventive way, even before the case is analyzed at trial.

If the STJD asks to block Ilha do Retiro, this applies to all games, including Series B. This punishment can be preventive, as happened with Grêmio last year (due to the stadium being invaded by fans at Arena do Grêmio, in a match against Palmeiras and looting of the VAR booth).

– Luis Eduardo Barbosa, lawyer

A Corinthians fan attacked by the sports regulator reported an attack in the stands

A Corinthians fan attacked by the sports regulator reported an attack in the stands

Also according to the lawyer ge heard, In the event of a loss of control of the field, due to the denunciation of Article 213 (Failure to take measures capable of preventing and suppressing disturbances in their own sporting arena), this penalty will be applied only to the under-17 sports team, within Cuba. Is Brazil.Brazil class. The lion was ranked for the third stage of the competition.

In addition, even if it is transferred to the professional team, since the game is a competition of a “cup” nature, the penalty will also not apply to Série B and will only be presented in next year’s Copa Brasil.

– Certainly the sport should be punished by losing control of the field because it did not prevent or suppress (the invasion). But this loss applies only to the competition (the Brazilian U-17 Cup). He added that the professional team is not in danger of losing control of the field because of this.

Cabral Neto talks about the aggression on the island:

Cabral Neto talks about the aggression on the island: “Impunity is the best friend of violence.”

It is worth noting that the invasion of the visitors sector was mentioned in the match summary by referee Paulo Bilanes Alves. “In the 41st minute of the second half, the match was stopped due to the confusion of the fans. The fans of Sports de Recife invaded the area designated for Corinthians fans, in the electronic scoreboard. Security was activated and after the confusion was resolved, the match restarted. The match was stopped for 4 minutes,” he wrote.

Articles where sports can be reported:

art. 191. Non-compliance or obstruction of compliance:

I – from a legal obligation; (B.C).

II – deliberation, decision, limitation, demand, demand or other active or administrative action of the CNE or the sports administrative entity to which it belongs or is associated with; (B.C).

Third – Organizing public or private competition. (B.C).

Compassion: a fine, from R$100.00 (one hundred Brazilian reais) to R$100.000.00 (one hundred thousand Brazilian reais), with a deadline for compliance with the obligation. (B.C).

art. 211- Failure to maintain the location that I referred to for the event to be held with the necessary infrastructure to ensure full guarantee and security for its realization.

CompassionA fine, from 100.00 Brazilian reais (one hundred Brazilian riyals) to 100000.00 Brazilian reais (one hundred thousand Brazilian riyals), and place stone, if necessary, until the requirements in the resolution are met. (NR).

art. 213- Failure to take measures to prevent and suppress:

I – disturbances in your athletic place; (B.C).

II- storming the field or venue of the sporting event; (B.C).

Third – Throwing objects in the field or place of the sporting event. (B.C).

Compassion: Fine, from 100.00 Brazilian Real (One Hundred Brazilian Real) to 100000 Brazilian Real (One Hundred Thousand Brazilian Real). (NR).

§ 1 Where a disturbance, invasion, or release of something is extremely dangerous or causes damage to the progress of a sporting event, the coaching entity may be penalized by the loss of control of the field from one to ten matches or events or equivalent, when participating in the official competition. (NR).

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