“He killed every dog ​​I found in my pasture”; See the strange facts published in a newspaper in Blumenau in 1917

“Be honest and the police forbidden Spreading disturbing rumors about guara Streamunder penalty of imprisonment. I, Carlos Gruner, the writer, wrote it. By: Police Chief Jacob Schmidt.

This is one of the warnings that appeared in the Gazeta Blumenauense, since 1917, which according to its motto was “an organ in the interest of the economic interests of the municipality of Blumenau”.

After its appearance during the end of World War I, Gazeta Blumenauense came as an alternative to other newspapers circulating at that time in Blumenau, which had to close their activities due to the war.

The appearance of the newspaper

With the declaration of war between Brazil and Germany, on October 26, 1917 – during the First World War – one of the emergency measures taken by the federal government at that time was to ban the publication of German-language newspapers, books and periodicals. in every country.

The two newspapers circulating at that time in Blumenau had no other choice but to close their activities or start writing their newspaper in Portuguese. In this way the newspaper Blumenauer Zeitung, a periodical published in the municipality, was forced to close its activities.

Alternatively, on November 1, “Gazeta Blumenauense” appears in the same format. The new newspaper’s logo brought the new product’s goal: to be a newspaper focused on the economic interests of Blumenau municipality. In all of its publications, there was no mention of news officials or editors.

Some ads posted in Gazeta / Créditos: Biblioteca Pública de Santa Catarina / Reproduction

In the first issue of the Gazeta, the car justified the appearance of the new newspaper, and an official statement was published in the Notícias Local section. “To our readers. With the declaration of a state of war between Brazil and Germany, the Brazilian government immediately decreed the suspension of German-language newspapers throughout the national territory. We immediately adhered to this determination of our government, not to allow the publication of the Tuesday edition, which was already ready.”

Blumenawens Newspaper

The first edition of the Gazeta Blumenauense appeared in only two pages, and passed, in subsequent editions, into a four-page circulation. In its pages it was possible to find news of events that drew the attention of the whole world, especially updates about the global conflict that was taking place at that time.

There were also some articles analyzing events in Europe and in the country, which were generally taken from other Brazilian newspapers, especially from Rio de Janeiro. However, it was also possible to find advertisements for horse auctions, who will be getting married in the coming months, selling products such as candles, sweepstakes, house land sales, and even threats of shooting if privacy was violated.

“as there years me disappear calves The newborn foal and from one to Two yearsHaving found that dogs eat them, she therefore kills every dog ​​she found in a pasture surrounded by Villa Reuter. I also seriously caused Curse because of the fires, forbidden For anyone to enter the same pastures and lands without my special permission, forbidden We also hunted Shrubbery From my properties in Rio Mosquito and Donna Luiza. Violators of the law will be prosecuted. INDIALOctober 1917,” this was stated in one of the notices published in the Official Gazette.

Some ads posted in Gazeta / Créditos: Biblioteca Pública de Santa Catarina / Reproduction

Notes can still be found in the Official Gazette referring to the situation in Blumenau during the war and the closure of private German schools in the city. “We are pleased to report that the calm and order in Blumenau have not changed for a moment, despite the change in foreign policy; the population, in all calm, has voluntarily accepted the new decisions made by the government under the state of war.”

With the end of World War I, the newspaper that commissioned 6 thousand dollars réis at that time in Blumenau, Itajaí and Brusque, was published weekly and uninterrupted until August 20, 1919, when the last edition, No. 33 was published. This is how “Blumenauer Zeitung” is back in circulation, being published on Mondays and Thursdays, written entirely in German, with some official announcements and business continuing in Portuguese.

Eduardo Luciani Collaboration.

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