Galileu Tecnologia speeds up the process with the Ellevo system

According to the Brazilian Textile and Apparel Industry Association (Abit), Brazil is a world leader in the textile industry. It is among the five largest producers and consumers of denim (denim) and among the four knitwear companies in the world. It continues to be a world reference in the design of beachwear, jeans and home wear, and has also gained prominence in the fitness and lingerie sectors.

It is a well-established market, producing millions of tons of textile volume annually. Among the companies that distribute machines for this sector, we can mention Galileu Tecnologia, located in Blumenau (SC), the company sells shredders, dispensers and software for the textile chain.

The system also introduced improvements, such as quickly identifying information and data needed to make a decision.

The company, which was established in 2005, won theAgent of the Year Award, which selects the best Gerber distributor in the world. Galileu also sells machines for other sectors that need to cut fabrics, such as automobiles, furniture, aerospace, shoes, etc.

To meet the demand of textile market and other areas, the company decided to adopt service management program. “There was a need for a tool that could organize and centralize all technical assistance. The chosen option is the Ellevo Platform. With the software, all employees have access to information about clients’ history, appointments and appointments, avoiding rework and wasting time and reducing costs,” he explains. Galileu Tecnologia CEO, Luiz Henrique Ferreira.

The system also introduced improvements, such as quickly identifying information and data needed to make a decision. “Previously, calls were recorded in a batch of paper calls, which made the process slower. With the implementation of the management software, calls became digital, resulting in more flexibility in the service. Old customer information is now found quickly,” says Ferreira.

strength point
The Ellevo platform has added many positive points to Galileu Tecnologia. The CEO of the brand explains that among them, one can highlight the control and scheduling of activities, ease of access to the history of the customer and the service. “The technician can open the platform and obtain information about the customer even outside the company and during the service, in addition to the ease of registration that allows supervisors to monitor the development of activities at any time,” he explained.

Ferreira also highlights that another important part of the program is keeping a customer’s equipment inventory digitally documented. “The platform also contributes to invoicing control, with updated accounts receivable data, allowing unnecessary costs to be reduced,” he explains.

Finally, the CEO highlights that all Galileo regions use the Ellevo platform. The system also made it possible to calculate data on service productivity or hours worked, and this has already led to some positive results.”

Elevo platform
The Ellevo platform is a complete and feature-packed system for service management, process automation, help desk, service desk, and shared service center.

Irene Silva, CEO of Ellevo, explains that the software contains a module that aims to automatically manage contracts, concessions, service deadlines, and consumption of service-related services. “In addition to helping to control company assets, the system manages maintenance and licensing, in order to avoid unnecessary expenses for the customer.”

In order to help manage service and operations, the system allows for process automation, integration with other systems, and centralization of information and data. “It also supports more than 15 languages ​​and provides multi-channel communication, allowing access via an app developed for mobile,” explains Erin.

One of the big differences of the Ellevo Platform is its flexibility and ease of integration with different systems.


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