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Forecasts indicated that 2022 is the year when markets, the economy – and in general life – stabilized after intense and unexpected years due to the pandemic. But recent international events, with the outbreak of war in Europe, have caused a new shock to the markets. Although the effects in Portugal are not drastic, there is a clear upward trend in prices. And it goes far beyond fuel! Domestic supplies – such as electricity or gas – and bank loans and even supermarket goods are clearly growing without slowing down.

It is difficult for the Portuguese to maintain the standard of living. The solution may be to cut back on some expenses – which you may have already done – but also to generate additional income. And nothing is better than doing…exactly what you know how to do! Quite simply: Just sign up for FixandoIt is a job opportunity platform that connects professionals with clients who are looking for their services You can earn extra income by doing this Where you really feel comfortable. Right now, there are countless opportunities to be wasted. Who knows if you’re not the expert they’re looking for?

Detailed specialist

If you have a special talent – even if it doesn’t make it your full-time profession – Fixando is the platform you need to spread your wings and fly a company without a big investment and without commitment! If you have an eye for photography, a hand for sewing or an ear for a DJAnd Your next job could be here.

Becoming an expert in Fixando is very simple: just create a professional profile, where you choose the areas in which you are an expert, decide where you are and what you want to do, add a brief description and some work that you have already developed. And that’s it! After choosing your credit package, your profile will be available. Then just pay attention to the suggestions and start making money!

Fixando covers nine different areas of services, each with different offers and different profiles. It is distinguished by its quality, but also by its versatility and organization. It is an intuitively organized platform for users, who find services ranging from home, events, animals, classrooms… because all problems have a solution, Repair The important thing: find the right person to solve it!

Four tips when starting your own business

1. A CV is important. Having people who check for quality, as well as an attractive group, can make all the difference.

2. Don’t become anonymous. A profile is more reliable if it contains a picture and complete data. Don’t bet on formations vacantOr you may lose credibility.

3. The law of supply and demand is real. Know the market you’re in, understand the prices and try to balance your budgets – without losing money!

4. A second job must be added to it. Competencies, yes, but they’re fun, too! If you already spend your full-time job feeling stressed, find your major in something that makes you really happy! An escape where you can earn money.

I don’t know? don’t invent.

If you are not an expert in anything… An expert at Fixando will always be there to help you. The trick is not to invent it, and to let someone who understands it solve all your problems. From plumbing to electrical, from explanations to your child to the massage he really needs… For every problem, there will be a solution. To do this, simply search for the service you are looking for, answer a few questions, leave your contacts and … wait. Budgets will start appearing, and you will find the right specialist, at the best price, without wasting hours searching!

Three tips when looking for a service

1. Don’t be impulsive. Unless it’s an emergency – such as a tube bursting – you should look carefully, listen to various quotes and be sure of the quality of services.

2. Be open minded. We often think we can do a good or better job. But for some reason there are experts at everything and more… We’re not all good at everything.

3. Be specific what you are looking for. If you need someone to teach your 50kg dog, don’t just call it “animal training.” If you’re looking for a port change, don’t say “professional electrician service.” Don’t waste your time – and other people’s time – or your money getting too caught up in the dark.

You already know if you have a project at hand, it’s not worth the invention! Go to Fixing and find experts for everything. And if you have something that you don’t like everyone else, register as an expert and discover the business opportunities available to you.

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