Eaton’s eMobility Business District launches battery separation unit with updated Breaktor® technology for circuit protection

Galsburg, Michigan. 5/24/2022 –

Energy management company Eaton announced today that its electronics business has launched a Battery Separation Unit (BDU) that can be combined with Breaktor technology.® Updated to provide circuit protection on electrified vehicles (EVs), reducing complexity and overall costs.

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The Eaton battery disconnect module combined with the Breaktor® circuit protection technology provides circuit protection in electrified vehicles while reducing overall complexity and cost.  (Photo: Business Wire)

The Eaton battery disconnect module combined with the Breaktor® circuit protection technology provides circuit protection in electrified vehicles while reducing overall complexity and cost. (Photo: Business Wire)

When combined with circuit breaker protection technology, which combines switching current and fast-acting, resettable bi-directional short-circuit protection, the Eaton BDU eliminates the need for up to 15 additional components in the system. Conventional systems require a combination of pyrofuses and hot fuses with connectors.

“As manufacturers continue to increase power levels for electric vehicles, it becomes increasingly important to have capable and reliable protection solutions,” said Kevin Calzada, director of global product strategy for the eMobility business area at Eaton. “Our BDU combined with our proprietary Breaktor circuit protection technology, in a compact and efficient package, provides everything needed to protect vehicles and their passengers.”

The main function of the BDU is to act as an on/off switch for the battery, depending on the mode in which the EV is operating, such as charging or driving. Current EV models are based on one of three traditional BDU configurations: fuse and connector; Flammable and circuit breakers. or fuse, pyrofuse and connector. All of them are used together in one BDU. While all offer switching and protection functions, each has drawbacks such as overall system complexity, maintenance, coordination difficulties, and susceptibility to strain under high current levels.

The addition of circuit breaker protection technology to the Eaton BDU provides additional functionality and benefits, including active and passive operation in a single device, the ability to switch to an off state under a wide range of failure conditions, improved functional safety, and the ability to restart after High – power failure, replacing up to four high-voltage electrical components, reducing system-wide complexity and costs.

“The self-design, diagnostic electronics, and mirror connection of the circuit breaker protection technology all contribute to achieving the functional safety goals of the BDU,” Calzada said. “With an integrated coil motor, economizer and detection/trigger circuit, Breaktor circuit protection technology also reduces the cost and complexity of the battery management system.”

Eaton’s Breaktor circuit protection technology also enables fast charging of up to 350 kW when used to protect and switch the DC fast charging circuit, allowing electric vehicles to be charged within 15 minutes. This capability is due to recent thermal management and material updates to Breaktor circuit protection technology to increase its power capacity. Today, Breaktor circuit protection technology can carry 500 amps continuously and up to 750 amps direct current when using an active or passive cooling system.

“Breaktor has achieved current best-in-class ratings, which could increase further with the right cooling strategy,” Calzada said. “Eton designs and develops a customer-specific cooling system integrated into the BDU to meet increasing energy requirements.”

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