DF receives a free event on entrepreneurship, innovation, sustainability and technology

Brazilians will have the opportunity to participate in the creative immersion that will take place in the Ibero-American Cultural Hub (formerly FUNARTE)

Have you ever thought about enhancing important dialogues and creating new transformative businesses with a completely free event? The Secretariat for Economic Development, together with the Cresce-DF Association, is implementing the “Eco Inova Brasília”, with a proposal to bring innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship, technology and sustainability to the people of Brasilia. From Tuesday (24) to Saturday (28), the Ibero-American Cultural Center (formerly FUNARTE) will receive the audience, with a broad program aimed at connecting ideas, stimulating the search for new paths and inspiring new situations.

The ability to communicate with people is increasingly becoming a professional and practical advantage. The personal relationships that occur at an event estimated to welcome around 10,000 people are able to benefit from the insights of academics, students, entrepreneurs, researchers and professionals who seek originality, engagement, and new business. By promoting intense doses of knowledge, career mirrors, examples of entrepreneurship and planning, discussed at discussion tables and presented through lectures aimed at coaching.


The event starts today (24/05) at 10am and will have a presentation for young children with The Bellaneiro Sisters, who will also perform at 3pm. In continuation of the event, the official opening takes place at 11 am, followed by lectures with Glauco Rojas (12 noon), Livia Campos (4 pm) and Mayra Castro (6 pm). To end the excitement of the first day, the MC Jazz group will be in attendance, presenting the audience with fantastic national and international hits, starting at 7pm.

On the second day of the event (Wednesday, 25), the space will host many talents such as: Theo Andre, or Magico (10am and 3pm); Lectures with Paolo Sa (11 a.m.), Yasmine Pierati (4 p.m.), and Marcus Bingers (6 p.m.); Tonight will be the Rogerio Midelge show (7 pm). Thursday 26, 10 a.m. First attractions begin with the Mapati Show (also performed at 3 p.m.) and shortly after lectures with Mauricio Ottavio (11 a.m.), Glauco Rojas (4 p.m.) and Arthur Rufino (6 p.m.) )); Finally, at 19:00 BSBEAT will bring much joy to the people of Brasilia.

Starting on the weekend, Friday (27), Pirilampear Stories will be presented to light up the good entertainment of the audience, at 10am and 3pm as well; From 11 am, Paulo Sa and Mauricio Octavio (4 pm) took the podium, followed by a panel discussion with representatives of the productive sector and public companies at 6 pm; And DJ Barata and Pezão take care of the nightlife at 7 pm. If you’re already in the mood for farewell, why not repeat what’s good on Saturday, the 28th? Theo Andre, The Magician will show again at 10am and 3pm; The lecture portion will be held with Iasmin Pieratti (11 am); Livia Campos (4pm) and Amanda Graciano (6pm). Finally, the event will end with a performance by the Philharmonic Orchestra, starting at 7pm.

Show us where the game is

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With a space dedicated to the new reality of players and broadcast screens, an opportunity is created for youngsters to show their skills in League Of Legends, through a tournament that will honor first place with SAR 1500.00 and second with R KRW 500.00. There will be six challenges, lasting up to 7 minutes, and can be played by 1 to 4 people at the same time, as many times as visitors want. Initially, their number is limited to 16 teams, without age restrictions, but with priority places for students from the Ministry of Education.

During the first four days of the event, the stages will be held remotely and on Saturday (28), the semi-finals and finals will be held in person. The list is available to players and registration is done through forms. gle/5XLEt6Y5gNyK7mf2A which can also be found on the website www.ecoinovabrasilia.com.br, along with times, rules and schedules for matches.

Still aiming to motivate generations through gaming, 60 Minutes Escape Game will challenge participants to work as a team, training their leadership skills, planning and creativity to unearth proposed adventurous encounters. For those who don’t know what it’s all about, it’s a fully immersive simulator that extracts the best strategy to escape a room on time, and deciphers puzzles until you find the last key. Both experiences will be offered free of charge to the public.

Eco Innova Brasilia

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When: May 24th to 28th
Where: Ibero-American Cultural Hub (formerly FUNARTE)
Address: Setor de Divulgação Cultural Lote 02, (Eixo Monumental, Brasília – DF)
Registration and information: www. ecoinovabrasilia. With. R

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