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Cruzeiro 2022 history has largely come out of Edo’s feet, head and goals. Cruzeiro’s top scorer (14 goals per season) also carries, in his skin, his life story marked by overcoming and learning.

On his body, Edo believes that 70% of his body is covered in tattoos, which he began doing at the age of 18. Today the striker is 29 years old and is at the height of his career, taking on the role of top scorer and goalkeeper for Cruzeiro, bearing with him the mark of already being the top scorer of the 2021 Championship. Series B, with Brusque. In this edition, he is the second best scorer with three goals behind Diego Sousa (four).

Edo, from Cruzeiro, has 70% of his body covered in tattoos, some of which are very important in the striker’s life – Photo: Fernando Moreno / AGIF

to me General ElectricCruzeiro’s top scorer spoke about his path and passion for tattoos. Edo chose his parents’ name (Luciana and Eduardo) as his first tattoo. One on each helped.

– I’ve always been a big fan of tattoos, I’ve always seen old people see them. But I always heard at home that this was not done. When I went to do this, when I was 18 years old, I said, “You know what: I will do it in the name of my father and my mother, so that he may not curse me so much.” The idea worked. They got emotional and didn’t fight with me – he remembers the striker, who left home at the age of 13, in São Gonzalo-RJ in pursuit of football success.

“I guess I’m not going to just do (tattoo) my face. But, a year from now, I want to close my neck down”

In fact, the place where he grew up, namely the Jardim Mirambi community, was not forgotten by the attacker, although he did not return to live there after leaving the house. In the upper arm, the drawn group and “little boy” Edo with jersey number 9 and a kite, activities that the striker loves.

Edu do Jardim Mirambi tattoo, in São Gonçalo – RJ – Photo: Gabriel Duarte

“Let’s go to Brazil! The biggest game show at a price giving game. Sign the premiere!”

Brasiliao Premier Banner – Photo: Reproduction

However, the most important tattoo for Edo is his grandmother’s tattoo. It’s on his right thigh, the leg he uses for most goals. Under the face design there is also a thank you and love letter.

– He was the one who raised me for a long time, he died four or five years ago. When she died, the same week she got the tattoo. It’s more of what I have left. It is the most special – highlights the attacker.

Grandma tattoo on the thigh of striker Edo from Cruzeiro – Photo: Gabriel Duarte

At the age of 29, Edu has the best contract of his career with Cruzeiro. He was hired for his performances with Prosk in the second division last year, when he scored 17 goals in 33 appearances. Raposa paid R$600,000 to remove him from the Santa Catarina team, where he became known as the “Emperor of the Valley”. Today, he is the “blue emperor”.

It’s his first chance, in his professional career, at a big club. At the base, he passed through Vasco, Botafogo and Flamengo, but was not able to merge. Edo, he says, is the mainstay of his family.

– I am the older brother, I am a cornerstone of my family. I have a lot of responsibility to my family, my mother’s family, my father and my three brothers (Kawi, Lucas and Mayara). They are just fans. They live it very intensely. They always hit and come back to see me – says the attacker.

ABANA tattoo on Edo’s arm, by Cruzeiro – Photo: Gabriel Duarte

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From the end of the tunnel to the artillery

Edo claims to be proud of his life path. As far as accidents. One of them is why off-field attracted the player.

I am very proud of what you have become in my life. I’ve had many failures, and I’m sure that’s what delayed my success. I’m sure of that. Not to be dazzled, in seeing things the world of mathematicians does not suit. It’s great to have fun, have your beer, but everything has its time.

“Today, I realize that I will go 11 months without doing (what I love in my spare time) and I will have 20 days to do what I want. Today I am aware of that. I don’t regret doing it, but these things have made me grow. It is great to have fun, eat Beer, but everything has its time.”

Past situations in Edo are used to show his nine-year-old son Bernardo, and even younger athletes what (not) to do in life and career. The positive example is not to give up.

But it’s not easy, says Ido. In August 2020, in the first round of the Série C do Brasileiro, he suffered a ruptured ACL and a severe meniscus and meniscus injury in his right knee. He only came back to play in mid-April the following year. Quite a blow to the player.

“I’ve heard a lot of people say I don’t play football anymore. I spent five days in a wheelchair, showering with a wet tissue. I had a moment of depression. To win.”

– I saw myself at the end of the tunnel. When I knew I would have to open both knees, I called my dad and said that would be the end of my career. It was very difficult for us. You’ve come to your father, years and years, and said you can’t stand the pain. 100% change came after injury – this refers to the attacker who tattooed the scar from surgery.

Edo tattoo on the knee surgery scar – Photo: Gabriel Duarte

Anyone who sees Edu swing the net for Cruzeiro (he’s already 14 goals), doesn’t see how hard the player has done well. According to him, the serious injury affected his daily life. He says he routinely suffers from pain.

Edu, from Cruzeiro, celebrates the goal he scored against Sampaio Correia with Raposao – Photo: Fernando Moreno / AGIF

– I feel pain every day. I know every athlete feels pain, but feeling pain isn’t good every day. But we are fighting. We are alert. There are days when the pain is severe. We’re talking to the physical therapy staff, the committee, and they’re willing to part with a few things.

“I am very right and honest about what I live here for. I know my responsibility and the way people see me. Nothing will change the way I act apart from scoring goals and being successful. I am a man who gave his life when that happens. It is about football.”

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