Check out five notable deaths from this series

The fourth season of Weird things It will come and more deaths will come. This is one of the confirmed facts every time a new part of the series is available on Netflix. This happens from the first. Barb is there so don’t let us lie. I mean, he’s not there anymore because the character was mercilessly killed by the Duffer brothers, the series’ creators.

In preparation for the season that will premiere on Friday, 27, stadium He listed some of the worst deaths that occurred in the series.

Barbara Holland (Barb)

barb (Shannon Purser), as she was called, was Nancy’s best friend and her death, right in the first season, kind of set the tone for the series. when Weird things It was first shown, a lot of people thought the production wasn’t too heavy, after all it was a children’s story, so what could possibly go wrong? So much, after all, the name of the series is “Stranger Things” … When Barb was dragged away by a mysterious monster that has yet to be explained, fans of the series mourned her death so much that it became a sign. On social media: #JusticeForBarb.

Barb died while spending time sitting poolside at Steve’s house while he and Nancy were at a party. The death of the girl was mentioned several seasons later and caused a change in Nancy’s attitude as well as for Steve.

Bob Newby

In season two Bob (Sean Astin) is Joyce’s wonderful friend, Will’s mother. After struggling with her son’s disappearance in season one, she deserved to be happy with the sequel, right? And Bob was the perfect partner: brave, kind, willing to help Joyce take care of her two children and, most importantly, be by her side during mentally absent Try to have the will during season two.

Bob’s death was one of the saddest and least expected of the series. While Joyce and the others try to find a way out of Hawkins’ lab, he pretends to be a bait for a demodog. When he finally thinks he’s managed to get rid of the monsters and is ready to join Joyce, he ends up being killed by several hungry Demodogs in front of his sweetheart. It’s hard to forgive the book…


Max’s “bad boy” brother, who appeared with the girl in the second season of the series, makes us very angry with him. After all, he is violent with the girl and violent with her friends. Many people may have wished for the boy’s death, but it is undeniable that he faced a sad ending the following season.

One reason is that Bailey (Dacre MontgomeryNot violent by chance. During the story he explains that it is because of abusive upbringing. Another reason for his death affecting fans of the series is that his salvation takes place shortly before that. After Eleven manages to save him from control mentally absentThe boy sacrifices himself for her, and also tries to keep his sister safe. of course Dover brothers Again, they didn’t make it any easier, which made the girl watch the scene.

Benny Hammond

Maybe you don’t remember Penny (Chris Sullivan), but his death, like that of Barb, is important for showing the mood of the series to viewers. Benny is the first character in the series to help ElevenWhen a girl appears hungry at the bar, she steals the food. Instead of fighting with it, he wears it and feeds it.

The problem is that government agents are going after Eleven and when an officer appears in his restaurant looking for the girl, he shoots him in the head so he doesn’t leave any witnesses.


Alexi world (Alec OtgoffHe played an important role in the third season and drew attention with his attractiveness, which won the admiration of the audience. He was responsible for opening a gate down the mall to the Upside Down, which the Russians had hired to do the job, because they wanted to use the monsters there as a weapon of war.

The scientist is kidnapped by Hopper so he can explain what he’s doing and ends up impressing the series’ adult cast: Joyce, Hopper and Murray, to the point of earning a nickname from the cop he calls Smirnov. To the grief of the audience, Alexei was killed in a very sad scene, while having fun in a park, at the hands of another Russian, precisely because he had established relations with the Americans. Alexey recalls his love for charge cards.

Honorable Mention: MUSE

This is also a painful death (again?) from season two. When Dustin decides to keep a Demodog at home as a pet, while the animal is growing, he demands more and more food. Unfortunately, there is no room in the boy’s house to accommodate a pet. So the hungry Demodog ends up attacking and eating the pussy, causing the boy’s sensitive mother to suffer. (And for all you cat lovers!)

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