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Game Summary

International Championship
Quarter-finals – third match
the end ⏱️
Translator: 4-0
Benfica 5
valongo 1

playoff draw, Benfica SL And Valongo decided, in Bavelhau Vedelid, in the third game of the quarter-finals of the National Hockey Roller Championship, who would be in the “half” of the competition. The Eagles’ victory, 5-1, is the result of a solid and clever show!

After the victory in Luz, in 1 . gamedefeat in 2 . gamein Valongo, both games are marked with a Balance and intensity are decided after overtime.

Everything is tied up and it was necessary to resort to black In a well-appointed suite, with President Roy Costa In support of the team.

It couldn’t be a better start! minute 2And Lucas Ordonez, With a powerful shot, the scoring opens and opens calendar (1-0). In a decisive match, Valongo’s immediate response was, loaded, with Pedro Henrique in the spotlight And to show the qualities and preserve the sanctity of the red nets.

At 8′, a great opportunity for the Nuno Resende men. Penaltyhead-on between Rui Mendes and Diogo Rafael, as the captain watched the iron return the ball to him … The Portuguese international did not score, but 2-0 It didn’t take long. in the same minute nicoliaunmarked, from a mid-range, a shot without a chance to extend the lead.

Benfica Valongo

A very exciting game to follow, with Benfica taking care of events, facing Valongo to believe.

to me 16′Lucas Ordoñez discovers with a sweet pass Gonzalo Pinto who, at the mouth of the goal, veered with the row to 3-0.

In a night of indefensible shots, in 21′it was left Diogo Rafael composing 4-0… an individual show, as the No. 4 shirt faces the opposite goal and does not give Rui Mendes a chance.

Before the end of the first half, Benfica continued more, and there was still time for Gonzalo Pinto to show more shooting and to see 5-0 denied by the goal iron. Rest in the light with Eagles at a fair advantage to producers.

Benfica Valongo

Restart and Aim (28′). single attempt Facundo Bridgebeating Pedro Henrique for the first time, reducing to 4-1. Exciting and fast-paced game with Heroes in court to surrender and make an offer.

37th minutethe tenth error on Valongo, free for eagles…invitation to convert, Carlos Nicolia Waste at first, however, in recharge, with an impeccable artistic gesture, he made his fist full in an almond (5-1).

In the following moments a blue card for Nicolia, Direct free kick to the opponentFacundo Navarro’s shot passed over her.

There is still a lot to play, Benfica keep the tuneGreater control and management of accidents Toughness, pragmatism and intelligencethat’s against Valongo who didn’t “throw the towel on the ground”, as he thought, was betting on maximum stakes, but this Wednesday night he didn’t have any arguments to contradict Glorioso.

With this result, 5-1 victoryAnd Benfica celebrates being in the semi-finals of the National Championshiptie where they will face SportingThe team that beat Braga in the quarter-finals. “Socks” will be disputed top fiveThat is, you must win three matches to reach the final.

Benfica Valongo


Nuno Resende (Benfica coach): “The beginning of the season was very bad, we were not feeling well, and this image will haunt us and will remain until the end. But it does not make sense. Quality and this created many difficulties in the quarter-finals. In the first two matches we were conditioned by several factors, we succeeded and today, finally, we managed From being all together, we won and showed that we are here to honor the Benfica jersey.”

Benfica Valongo

Benfica Valongo
devotion suite
Benfica is in fifth place
Pedro Henrique, Paul Manrupa, Pablo Alvarez, Diogo Rafael and Lucas Ordonez
Rodrigo Vieira, Boca, Goncalo Pinto, Carlos Nicolia and Edo Lamas
Five Valongo’s starting line-up
Rui Mendes, Rafael Moreira, Nuno Santos, Facundo Navarro and Ruben Pereira
Facundo Bridge, Goncalo Pinto, Diogo Barata, Diogo Abreu and Miguel Vieira
at rest 4-0
Benfica: Lucas Ordonez (2′), Carlos Nicolia (8′ and 37′), Gonzalo Pinto (16′) and Diogo Rafael (21′); Valongo: Facundo Bridge (28 minutes)

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