A shop customer complains about a stray dog ​​but the owner refuses to remove it

The owner did not want to take the dog out and gave a lovely answer to the customer who was unhappy. you understand…

The episode took place in Recife. On a rainy afternoon in the capital of Pernambuco, a customer was enraged by the presence of a stray dog ​​in a shoe store and decided to personally complain to the owner who runs the establishment.

But the owner did not accept the customer’s arguments and did not take out the dog that entered the store to escape from the rain – as well as to have a rest. After all, everyone knows how hard life can be for strays.

the incident

The case was witnessed by some of the people who were in the store: customers, employees and others who were also hiding from the torrential rain that hit Recife late that afternoon.


A passerby saw the argument between the store owner and the customer, and pictured the dog – who was cuddled in a corner of the establishment, undisturbed by anyone who was walking around the store and without showing signs of aggression.

The photos – accompanied by a transcript of the short dialogue, which has become a beautiful example of solidarity with fugue – were posted on Facebook and caught the attention of “Planeta Cachorro”, the magazine’s homonymous social network page, edited in Spanish.

Planeta Cachorro presents itself as a site of public interest. It’s a magazine that publishes tips and advice on pet care – with a focus on dogs – and is always at the forefront of campaigns to adopt stray dogs and cats.

The dialogue, which ended up going viral, was very short. The truth would have gone unnoticed – after all, practically everyone is looking for a place to protect themselves from powerful storms that fall in the tropics – as is the case in northeastern Brazil. Dogs also have the right to escape the heavy rain.

The recorded conversation between the customer and the store manager began when the woman, seeing the dog lying in the corner, went to the owner of the establishment and asked very harshly:

“Don’t you think it’s ugly for the establishment to let a dog sleep inside the store?”

The director answered very politely and calmly:

“It would be ugly if you left the dog out on the street to get wet. He will stay inside until the rain stops.”

On the “Planeta Cachorro” page, the post has already received 1,200 comments and been shared by 4,300 Internet users. Needless to say, the attitude of the vast majority was to support the store manager, who gave a little space in the store to the dog, but revealed that he had a big heart.

human position

Many companies have become notable in adopting more supportive attitudes toward fugue. In Istanbul, Turkey, a carpet store allows stray animals to stay overnight. At the end of the afternoon it is possible to notice a small flock of fur, quietly waiting for the entry time.

In the same city, a shopping mall decided to welcome the fugitives in the winter months. When shops, cinemas, cafeterias and restaurants begin to close, dogs are welcomed and sleep in the facility’s galleries, shielded from the biting cold of Istanbul nights.

In Brazil, thanks to the hot climate of almost the entire territory for most of the year, there are few initiatives to house cats and dogs at night. But then the store manager in Recife is a good example for store owners and service providers: after all, summer rains are always heavy in the country.

The least radical and cheapest approach is to provide food and water to alleviate the difficulties faced by animals without a home and family. In many Brazilian cities, merchants, service providers, and even locals organize feeders and drinkers in the busiest corners with clean water and fodder.

This is a low-cost measure, and can even be adopted by a group of residents or shopkeepers. The provision of water and food in PVC covered tubes prevents exposure to sunlight and rain, keeping water and food fresh for a longer time.

However, the ideal is to adopt a stray dog ​​- that’s right, take one of these furry dogs home. Most Brazilian homes have a pet: therefore, caring for a furry animal is not a big sacrifice.

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