A mother honors her daughters who were killed by a father with music by presenters Kevin or Chris and Kaja: “If I close my eyes, my mind draws you” | Itapetininga and the region

Natalie and Natanelli were found dead inside the house where they lived with their mother, about six hours after their father, Nathaniel de Lima, 28, announced that he was holding them hostage in Jardim Santa Rita.

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In the video her mother posted, she highlighted a portion of the song that says “If I close my eyes, my mind pulls you in. I cover my ears, but I can hear your voice. Just thinking I’ll never see you again. It hurts, it hurts.”, It hurts. “.

Relatives and friends honor the sisters who were killed in Taquarituba – Photo: Facebook / Reproduction

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  • video: Neighbors pray in front of the house where the girls were killed

The crime also caused unrest among the residents of the city, which has a population of just over 23,000. On social media, relatives of the victims and people close to the victims paid tribute and showed rebellion. (look up).

Taquarituba City Hall issued an edict to mourn the sisters’ death – Photo: Taquarituba City Hall / Disclosure

While exhuming the bodies of Natalie and Natanelli, neighbors who were following the incident prayed in front of the house in Jardim Santa Rita, where the crime took place. (see video below).

In the face of the tragedy, the city of Tacuaritoba issued a three-day official mourning decree on Tuesday. During this period, the municipal flag will be hoisted at half mast at all public agencies in the city.

Residents pray while exhuming the bodies of sisters killed by their father in Taquartoba

Residents pray while exhuming the bodies of sisters killed by their father in Taquartoba

The suspect and the mother of the two girls are separated. The man went to his ex-wife’s house the night before, where he slept.

In the morning, the woman left her daughters with a caregiver and went to work. Then the man expelled the caregiver and took the girls hostage, holding them in the phony prison. Hours later, they were found dead and the father was arrested.

Two sisters, aged five and six, were murdered by their father in Taquarituba – Photo: Birth

The bodies of the two sisters were taken by a funeral home and will be sent to the IML Institute in Avary. There is still no information on the funeral and burial of the victims.

The Prime Minister reported that he was contacted late in the morning by neighbors who noticed a gas leak. However, when the police arrived at the scene, the man in the house refused to open the house and announced that he was holding his daughters hostage.

The Itai Fire Department was called to attend around 11:50 a.m. – Photo: Francine Galdino/TVTEM

The prime minister also said the suspect had said for hours that his daughters were tied up inside the house, but had not shown them to the police team. At some point, negotiations broke down and the police decided to enter the house, as the man showed no signs that the children were alive.

A police scanner was used to detect children not moving.

Police said the two girls were found dead with cuts to their necks, one on the bed and the other on the bedroom floor. The house was overturned and several shards of glass were scattered, and the suspect was armed with a knife.

Bodies of girls killed by their father are taken to IML

Bodies of girls killed by their father are taken to IML

Also, according to the prime minister, it was necessary to use a stun gun and a rubber bullet to detain the man. Nathanael was arrested for double murder and the motive behind the crime was not mentioned.

The event mobilized the Military and Civil Police, Samu, the Fire Department and the Special Tactics Working Group (the Gateway), which left the capital, São Paulo.

Father killed two daughters in Taquarituba (SP) – Photo: Personal Archive

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