Training: Discover the 5 Most Valuable Online Courses in 2022

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Companies are looking for people with increased skills. (Photo: Twenty20)

In the current labor market – highly demanding and competitive – vocational qualification and modernization have become a requirement to differentiate themselves from the competition. Companies are looking for people with increased skills, not only with knowledge of technical tools, but also emotional, management, teamwork, and productivity skills.

Fact: Investing time and money in vocational training is not an option for many people. The cost of time and travel to an educational institution – especially in large cities – as well as the costs of support materials and food, are major obstacles for those who wish to return to school and find it easier to enter the labor market.

However, thanks to the rapid advancement of technology in recent decades, there are now many possibilities in the educational field through online teaching platforms such as rihanna It contains flexible courses of long or short duration with an immediate start, providing a great practical exercise for those who wish to continue their studies or introduce learning of a new subject.

The only requirement for the virtual method is that the student has access to an electronic device (whether it is a computer, smartphone or tablet) and a stable connection to be able to attend classes anywhere, anytime.

Thus, due to the pandemic, the form of virtual learning has come to be recognized by large companies. There are now more and more teaching platforms such as rihanna Which provides hundreds of low-cost, high-quality online courses that can make a difference to the curriculum and expand knowledge horizons with just one click.

Therefore, we have made a selection of online courses that are very popular, gain visibility and recognition in the job market. See the list and don’t stray from the directions.

1. Digital Marketing

Today, digital communication is a powerful and necessary tool to improve the performance and performance of any company. It is used in both the public and private sectors to improve services, strengthen brands, and increase user engagement.

To be successful in digital marketing, it is essential to enjoy setting goals, results, statistics and spending time browsing the internet and social networks. Online courses in the region (community manager, SEO, social media, metrics analyst and designer, among others) address practices that lead to gaining experience in consumer and market behavior in general to improve brand sales.

Since the field of digital communication is related to social networks and the interaction of users with a brand on the Internet, online study is highly valued by employers, as the method allows the student to add experience about what work looks like. .

2. Photography

Online photography courses offer tools and techniques for making art and conveying ideas and emotions through high-quality photos, as well as getting the most out of equipment and editing software such as Photoshop.

Learning photography can be a great career opportunity for anyone who wants to work in this field. It is worth noting that it is important to have equipment (camera) that allows to apply the acquired knowledge, as well as a computer or electronic device for editing images using editing programs.

3. Nutrition

In the field of health, online nutrition courses are really booming. There are dozens of different options in this method offered by different teaching platforms, covering the most diverse disciplines such as vegetarian food, healthy cooking, group food, infant nutrition and even functional nutrition for dogs and cats.

It is worth noting that although some online courses in the field of health are available for free, most educational institutions charge a fee for those who want to obtain a certificate in the field, i.e. a document that proves the knowledge gained and adds a lot of value to the curriculum. The important thing is to be aware of the credibility of the platform offering the courses, to see if the “diploma” is really worth it.

4. Information Technology

The field of information technology (the suite of computing solutions that allow information to be obtained, stored, transmitted, accessed, secured and used), which is still supported in times of crisis, is still one of the hottest in the world. This sector is constantly growing, and the shortage of professionals to meet the demand is already evident.

Since it is a very broad field, anyone interested in studying something related can follow different paths: IT infrastructure, software development, data science, information security or artificial intelligence, among other topics.

Information Technology (IT) courses are recommended for creative people, entrepreneurs and dynamic people who enjoy working in a team. Familiarity with the English language is also important, as most programming codes are in this language.

5. The peculiarities of distance learning

Online courses can be a great option for those who want to quickly enter today’s demanding job market, as they are usually short-term training options that can be taken wherever and whenever the student prefers.

Most virtual courses are usually available for immediate start and are low in cost – generally 70% cheaper than face-to-face courses – which is certainly a huge draw for those who can’t afford to invest in new knowledge.

However, it is important to note that in order to fit well with the virtual method, the chosen teaching platform must be recognized and reliable, as well as recognizing that this form of learning is no less demanding than the face-to-face learning method. one face. Distance learning has many benefits, but it definitely requires a lot of dedication, discipline, and excellent time management skills.

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