Tim Cook, Frances Hogan, and more: Top Tech People of the Year – 5/23/2022

On Monday (23) Time magazine released a list of the 100 most influential people of the year in various fields, such as art, industry, politics and entertainment. In the field of technology, four names stand out: Frances Hogan, Tim Cook, Timnit Gibero and David Velez.

Meet them all below.

Frances Hogan

Frances Hogan during her testimony before the US Congress, October 2021 - Drew Angerer / Reuters - Drew Angerer / Reuters

Frances Hogan during her testimony before the US Congress, October 2021

Photo: Drew Angerer/Reuters

In 2021, a series of complaints about Facebook’s algorithm engineering began to surface in the global press. The Wall Street Journal showed, through several documents, how Meta (a company that includes Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp) maintained its platforms with algorithms designed for the continued adoption of its users and contributed to depression in young people and teens, among other things. .

The informant is Frances Hughes, a former Facebook employee who had access to a lot of information about Meta during her time at the company. Disappointed and impressed by the harm the social network could do to its users, she left the company with many important documents and scrapped the company before US newspapers and courts.

Through Hauges’ denunciations, the world has learned how responsible Facebook is for its users’ illness and how complicit it is, with little or no action to control organized crime, terrorism and the far right within the platform.

The allegations generated an institutional crisis at the company and mobilized public opinion around the dark side of social media engineering.

Tim Cook

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, appears at registration to welcome the start of the first virtual WWDC - clone - clone

Apple CEO Tim Cook appears upon registration to welcome the start of the first virtual WWDC conference

Photo: reproduction

Tim Cook, the current CEO of Apple, ranks among the 100 most influential people in the world. In 2011, he took on the challenging task of running one of the world’s largest technology companies after the death of its founder, Steve Jobs.

With an enviable resume, the CEO passed through many technology companies, such as IBM, until he came to Apple in 1998. At the invitation of Jobs, he started as Senior Vice President of Global Operations and over the years took on various projects to restructure the company. The company, demonstrating great skill, pioneering and technological vision.

In 2011, Cook was announced as Jobs’ successor, and since then, his influence has been recognized for his ability to run one of the world’s largest technology companies. Through it, Apple continues to influence the world with its technological innovations.

Timnit Gibru

Timnit Gebru, is one of the world’s leading technology researchers. In 2020, she became globally known after she was expelled from Google for submitting an article condemning the racism of the technologies and their languages ​​and the environmental damage the company causes to maintain its ability to process data and information.

Appointed to lead a team of AI researchers, Gebru and her team were all about finding problems and pointing out solutions. He had many problems on the platform, precisely because of his work, which in its structure had mechanisms for silencing and masking people of color.

In the face of impeachment and controversy over the allegations, Timnit Gebru is one of the most important voices in condemning algorithmic injustice and the damage done to society and nature by large technology conglomerates, such as Google.

Currently, the researcher is the executive director of the DAIR (Distributed Artificial Intelligence Research Institute), dedicated to research in artificial intelligence and technology.

David Velez

Francis Hogan testifying before the US Congress, in October 2021 - Tiago Queiroz / Estadão Content

Nubank CEO David Velez at the startup’s headquarters in Sao Paulo

Photo: Thiago Queiroz / Estadão . Content

Colombian David Velez, CEO and co-founder of the world’s largest digital bank, appears to have gained great power and influence by betting on technology to revolutionize the boring and bureaucratic world of banking.

Nubank is one of the most valuable companies in the world and was built out of the idea of ​​facilitating access to banking services to an increasingly diverse population that struggles to create and maintain an account in traditional banks. There are more than five million users of the platform and the company continues to innovate.

In 2021, the company announced its listing on the New York Stock Exchange and allowed its customers to join the company, ushering in a new era of services on the platform. With many innovations in the financial sector and easy and accessible language, the company has been conquering more and more users around the world and increasing its market value.

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