The musical “Starry Sky” premiered with a tour of the depths of Brazil and national folk songbook

The show rescues songs that are part of our emotional memory into a story that reflects on family relationships

Deep Brazil, far from the coast and large urban centers, has a rich and diverse culture, which is fundamental to understanding national identity. This place, which may be on the border between Minas Gerais and Espiritu Santo and southern Bahia, within Mato Grosso or even in our emotional imagination, wins the unprecedented musical stages “starry sky”.

Presentations start on Thursday (26), a tour that passes through Rio de Janeiro (May 26-June 5), Belo Horizonte (June 9-12), Brasilia (June 16-19) and Sao Paulo (23-26 June). June). ). Course sales in Rio de Janeiro are open at the CCBB-RJ box office and on the Eventim website.

Designed by Gustavo Nunes, with script by Carla Faour, directed by Vinicius Arnero and Joao Fonseca, music directed by Tony Lucchesi and produced by Turbilhão de Ideias, the show rescues the famous Brazilian songwriter in a story that reflects our place in the world of personality and social relationships. The show begins with a tour that will pass through the four CCBB units: in Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Brasilia and São Paulo. The project is sponsored by Brasilcap, a company capitalized by BB Seguros, through the Federal Cultural Incentives Act.

Directors Vinicius Arnero and Joao Fonseca repeated a successful partnership, which began in “The Musical Cássia Eller – O”, to tell the story of Antonia, experienced by singer, songwriter and actress Juliana Linharis, one of MPB’s major discoveries in the epidemic.. In the plot, the town-born character moves The fictional Carnerinos heads to Rio de Janeiro with her father Chris (Bruno Garcia) to try out a singing career. A few years later, she returns at the request of her family to participate in the Santo Antonio party on the farm where they live. Alongside her foreign boyfriend Johnny (Hamilton Dias), Antonia will rediscover an old love, as well as her father, Paixao (Daniel Carneiro), sister Sedenha (Danny Camara), and farmworker Vava (Natasha Gaskalvich). ).

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“History leads us to reflect on the inevitable passage of time, the course of life and the urgency and necessity of humanity to restore its sensitive view of nature,” said Director Vinicius Arneiro. “It’s also a plot that talks about what we gained and lost when we left our city and our roots to pursue a dream, a career. It’s a piece that is delicate, light and dramatic at the same time. It’s a play that surprises us,” adds director Joao Fonseca.

With the exception of guest star Bruno Garcia, the cast of artists from different backgrounds were chosen for the auditions. “There are people who were born in Natal, Recife, Angra dos Reis, Goiania, Rio de Janeiro. The dialects are very distinct and merge with the landscape. We insisted that it remain that way, to emphasize that in this multiculturalism also lies the beauty of the irregular Portuguese in Brazil. ‘ says Arnero.

With her long theatrical career, Juliana Linharis lives as her first hero. “I started doing theater when I was 9 or 10 years old, in Natal, and never gave up. I have a degree in theater directing, but I started singing in college in the Pietá troupe. So, music and theater have always been intertwined in my life,” notes Juliana, who She paid tribute to her first solo album, “Nordeste Fiction”, which was released last year. Juliana is an extraordinary singer and actress. Sensitive, intelligent and a voice that fills our souls with the best of Brazilian and Brazilian music,” she pays tribute to Fonseca.

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Award-winning author Carla Faour, who first appeared in musicals, says she created a story about feelings, family, and memories without leaving aside social criticism by exposing the urgency of conserving our natural resources. “Brazilian folk music was inspired by the nature of Brazil. How many of our songs do not talk about our waters, our rivers, our animals, our plants, our land and our people? And if, on the one hand, we have this biodiversity that is a planetary treasure, we also suffer this lack of concern for the environment that has consequences Too dire,” assesses the playwright.

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Producer Gustavo Nunes’ goal, when idealizing the show, was to explore the theme of the migrations that exist in Brazil from songs that transport and unite the population of the country’s most diverse regions. “It was my wish to salvage songs from the national songbook that do not usually have a prominent place in our musical theatre. I missed performances that addressed our roots, I wanted to combine songs with great poetic power.” “It is also a pleasure to be able to work again with directors João Fonseca and Vinicius Arneiro, after our successful journey with ‘Cássia Eller – o music,'” he says.

In the soundtrack chosen by the creative team, there are songs by Milton Nascimento, Chico Cesar, Chico Burque, Gilberto Gil, Giovilina Perola Negra and others. Music Director Tony Lucchesi He states that the cast will be accompanied by guitarist Gabriel Quinto, but that some actors will also play instruments on stage. In addition, all songs gain new arrangements to increase the drama in the scenes. He concludes, “The songs were chosen for their importance and beauty, and also because they are essential to telling the story in a powerful and poetic way.”

data sheet:

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Text: Carla Faour

Art Direction: Joao Fonseca and Vinicius Arnero

Music direction: Tony Lucchesi

Idealist: Gustavo Nunes

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Guitarist, co-arranger, and resident music director: Gabriel Quinto

Assistant Director: Dominic Arantes

Scenography: Nilo Maris

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Lighting: Danny Sanchez

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Fashion designer: Flavio Souza

Cast: Bruno Garcia, Giuliana Linharis, Daniel Carneiro, Dani Camara, Hamilton Dias, Natasha Gaskalvich

Production Coordinator: Diogo Galindo

Executive Producer: Jenny Misensio

Styling: Juliana Della Costa

Original Production: Whirlwind of Ideas

Offered by Brasilcap

Rio de Janeiro service:

Season: From May 26 to June 5, 2022

Days and times: Thursday to Saturday at 7 pm and Sunday at 6 pm.

Where: CCBB – First Theater (Rua Primeiro de Março, 66 – Centro).

Information: (21) 3808-2020.

Tickets: R$ 30 (full) and R$ 15 (half). Sales at the box office and on Eventim

Duration: 1h30

Indicative rating: 12 years.

Belo Horizonte Service:

Season: June 9-12, 2022

Days and times: Thursday to Sunday 20:00

Where: Banco do Brasil Belo Horizonte Cultural Center – First Theater (Praça da Liberdade, 450 – employees)

Information: (31) 3431-9400 and [email protected]

Tickets: R$30 (full), R$15 (half)

Duration: 1h30

Indicative rating: 12 years.

Brasilia service:

Season: 16-19 June 2022.

Days and times: Thursday to Saturday at 7 pm and Sunday at 6 pm.

Location: Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil Brasília – Theater (SCES, Section 2 – Brasília / DF)

Information: (61) 3108 7600

Tickets: R$ 30 (full) and R$ 15 (half).

Duration: 1h30

Indicative rating: 12 years.


Working hours: daily from 9 am to 9 pm, except for Mondays.

Sao Paulo service:

Season: 23-26 June 2022.

Days and times: Thursday to Saturday: 20:00. Sunday: 7 pm

Venue: Banco do Brasil SP Cultural Center – Theatre

Tickets: 30 BRL and 15 BRL

Hours of Operation: Open daily from 9 am to 7 pm, except on Tuesdays

Information: (11) 4297-0600.

Duration: 1h30.

Rating: 12 years old.

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