Teresa Bonfalot makes history by winning the Sydney Surf Pro – Surf

Teresa Bonfalot made history once again in national surfing, after winning, this Tuesday, at the Sydney Surf Pro, stage two of the Challenger Series circuit. A victory achieved after a luxurious performance on the last day of the Australian event which puts Theresa in the top three in the standings of this important circuit, which gives access to the World Tour of the World Surf Association. Having reached the semi-finals the day before and sealed, there, the best result of a Portuguese surfer in this Challenger Series Tour, which was the first edition last year, the Portuguese surfer lived this Tuesday longer in the day. Glory, emphasizing on the water that she is the fittest surfer on the waves at Manly Beach. In the first semi-final, held at the start of the Portuguese dawn, Teresa of Hawaii faced Kaila Tomoda Banerte, starting a feud over her opponent. However, Tomuda Bannert responded in the second half of the Heat and took the lead. Prioritizing the last minutes of the heat, the European champion knew how to wait for the right moment and at the last moment launched a deadly attack to achieve victory. Teresa Bonfalot needed a score of 7, and she used all her surfing extremes to get a score of 7.37.

The result was announced after the heat ended, giving more drama to Teresa’s passage to the Australian Grand Prix final. With this positive result, Teresa Bonfalot decided to meet in the midst of all decisions with Australian Nikki Van Dyck, the former world leader and one of the most experienced surfers on this circuit.

The decisive showdown took place at only 5:30 on the Portuguese morning, with the men’s semi-finals and the long-running finals still taking place in the middle. Despite Van Dijk’s experience and some nepotism, Teresa opened up the dispute in a very forceful way, putting herself in the lead. After surfing in four waves, Teresa already had 15.83 points, leaving the Australian in combination.

In the final stage, Nikki van Dijk responded, managed to get out of a group and even forced the Portuguese surfer to figure out how to manage priority in the last minutes. After a lavish performance in the first half of the Heat, Theresa knew how to manage her emotions and let time roll until the century that confirmed the historic victory, with the Australian not being able to score more than 13.13 points.

Carried on her shoulders from the water to the interview area, where the Portuguese anthem was sung by a handful of Portuguese on the beach, including fellow surfer Kika Veselco and Mafalda López, Theresa Bonfalot was a happy surfer with her biggest victory. Her career, at the age of 22. Having dominated and won the European qualifiers, Teresa is now showing all her worth on a global level.

Teresa Bonvalot’s victory helped maintain America’s isolated lead in the women’s classification by Caitlin Simmers in this circuit, with Nikki Van Dyck missing the attack for first place. The Australian appears in second place, with Theresa in third, just 2,845 points off the lead. Two stages later, out of the eight that make up the circuit, the Portuguese surfer is well positioned to attack the five women’s spots available in CT 2023.

In Sydney, we also highlight the 25th place by Mafalda Lopez, the 33rd place by Yolanda Hopkins, and the 49th place by Kika Veselko. Of the three, the best in the ranking is Yolanda Hopkins, who is now 19th, having finished 9th in the opening stage, on Australia’s Gold Coast. Mafalda took 33rd place and Keika appeared at 58th.

On the men’s side, the victory was up to Indonesia’s Rio Waida, in a similar historical outcome. Here, the Portuguese accounts are not very encouraging, with Frederico Moraes, who was 49th in this tournament, 80th in the standings and Vasco Ribeiro, who was 25th in Sydney, 19th, in the ranking led by Italian Leo Ferravante and Who will determine the top ten in CT 2023.

With the Australian Leg over, the Challenge Series circuit will now have a monthly break, returning with the Ballito stage, in South Africa, July 3-10. From there the circuit heads to Huntington Beach, California, still in July. In October, events take place in Portugal, more specifically in Ericeira, followed by Hossegor, in France. Saquarima, Brazil, will host the penultimate stage in November, with all decisions being made in the final stage, in early December, in Haleiwa, Hawaii.

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