Secretary explains actions that found missing children in ES

Anderson Gouveia, Maratize Minister for Security and Social Defense. Credit: Marataízes City Hall

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What was the behavior of the Civil Guard of the municipality of Maratiz on Friday (20)?

It is through a complaint that this process began, on Friday night (20). K9 received a tip. Through this complaint, they contacted our video observer, asking them to observe a woman walking with a child on Avenida Robbins Rangel, here in Maratize. Once this was done, video surveillance with the heritage guards was able to identify this woman in the first photo near the gas station in Cidade Nova. Continuing to continue, they (a woman and a child) stopped in a cafeteria here in Maratizes, in the Elmenita neighborhood, and in this way the video surveillance contacted K9, who went to the place, and approached this woman with her. The child, about the complaint that the woman had abducted the child a year ago, in Cachoeiro de Itapimirim, and was here in our city.

A woman tried to lie.

As soon as this was done, on the approach, the woman tried to lie, saying that it was not her, and refused to provide a document, the guard conducted a personal search for her and found an identification proving that she was the woman wanted for this. a crime. The child was also questioned. At first, she lied, because the woman constantly hated her, and did not let her tell the truth. K9, together with the Guardianship Board, which was released, moved to Itapimirim Police Station, where the duty team and Maratize’s GCM began clarifying the facts.

Two more children were found.

There, it was known that in the city of Bema there was another branch of this gang with two other children in that place. The clock’s progress did not allow the municipal guard and the civil police to enter the house, and a procedure was carried out on Saturday morning (21) at the place indicated by this woman who was part of this gang. Inside the house, the two children were working, practically slaves, forced to sell and beg for money, sell cocadas and demand money in bars and restaurants in Piema and Maratize. The gang was disbanded, the women were booked into a felony felony and the children were sent home.

How was the situation in this house in Bema?

The situation was very bad, the children showed signs of abuse, which were not well adapted in that place. The food didn’t seem to be enough. It was a job really similar to the slavery they were living in. It is worth remembering that a child is trying to tell the truth in the police station and the woman is always coercive. They were very afraid of these women, which is why they did this kind of work. In the video surveillance, we were able to see the woman very close to the child on the street. She did not stay together, but when the child began to speak, I approached him and forced the child to perform acts similar to slavery in that year when these children were in the hands of these children.

Was a woman with her child on Friday (20), in Maratizes, and there was another woman who had two other children in Pima?

This is amazing. According to the investigations, this gang was located in Biema and always came to Maratizes, with one of the children, to be able to do this work captured by video surveillance.

Who are these women?

We cannot provide much information as the case is under investigation with the Civil Police. I’ll leave it up to the delegate. He will be able to say what he can say so as not to jeopardize the investigations.

Did they stay trapped?

I don’t know if they are still in prison or will be released. This is also a fact that needs to be investigated by the civilian police.

Were there two sons of the same father?

Yeah. A year ago, the father filed a report at the Cachoiro police station, in which he recorded the kidnapping of children, and since then, he has always tried to find these children with the civil police. I don’t know if Marataízes and Piúma are their main destination or if they have passed through other municipalities to do this kind of work.

Did the third child also return to his father?

Yeah. All were returned to their families on the night of Friday (20) and Saturday (21).

the case

a report Newspaper Student Civil Police To find out the fate of the women mentioned by the Secretary. He also asked about the relationship of the boys’ mothers to the case. In a conversation with the lawyer of the children’s parents, Caio Zamperoli de Souza, he mentioned that the children – two brothers and a cousin – are already with their fathers and that the mothers are sisters.

Also according to the lawyer, the parents of the boys – aged 11, 14 and 8 – obtained custody of their children in court, but the mothers fled from Kachoeiro with their children to the coast. They live in a small, cramped kitchen. Sisters mothers make sweets and the eldest sells them. The youngest of them helped pack their belongings.

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