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At this year’s edition of Microsoft Build Conference, it was Microsoft Energy Platform It makes low code faster, easier to use and more innovative for all developers.

Today we’re announcing an exciting new product, part of the Power Platform, and many new features across the Microsoft Power Platform, which include:

Create modern business websites with the new Microsoft Power Pages

As a new standalone product, Power Pages Combines the resources and expertise of low code Anyone can create and submit websites concentrated In business, powered by data, modern and secure.

Start a new project in Power Pages Design Studio, making it easy to design, configure, and publish business websites. Design website pages with text, videos, images, forms, business listings, and more.

Or use the ready-to-use Power Pages Business Solutions templates, which are websites complete with sample data and customization. This allows you to start your website journey with ready-made templates for scheduling, registration, and form submission.

Power Pages Built for Creators low code And professional developers! Immerse yourself in code-centric features with seamless integration with Visual Studio cipherand GitHub and Azure DevOps. These integrations not only allow developers to implement advanced business requirements but also enable them to automate their development workflows and take advantage of CI/CD practices.

Protect your website content and data with role-based access controls, with built-in security and compliance with Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Dataverse. IT administrators can take advantage of the Center of Excellence toolkit to control the site creation and administration process.

With its origins in Power Apps portals, Power Pages is a scalable platform that already supports millions of users from all industries!

Learn more about energy pages.

Create low-code apps automatically from images and design files with Express Design

Power Apps can now automatically create a low-code app from any given design – including Figma design files, PDFs, paper forms, or even a hand-drawn app image. Using industry-leading cognitive AI technology, Power Apps will digitize provided data in seconds and produce functional app controls based on the data store.

Check the data provided, plug in your data connectors and your application is ready! It’s easy to add more screens by uploading and converting new content and files.

Learn more about Energy applications and rapid design.

Data self-sufficiency made easy with Power BI data sets

Datamart in Power BI is a self-service feature that provides a simple and seamless experience for ingesting data from different sources. It extracts, transforms and loads (ETL) data via Power Query and then automatically creates an optimized dataset that is ready for the report.

creator data martBecome a business user intelligenceOr a data scientist, data engineer, or other data analytics professional, can also specify Relations And Grammar In the data mart. Relationships and rules It can be usedTheTo create Power BI reports and dashboards. Users can also refer to data mart Using familiar T-SQL tools for more in-depth analysis.

If you work in a department like accounting or finance, Datamart in Power BI lets you create your own world of data to answer business questions faster than ever, even if you’re not familiar with more tech applications.

The Power Pages, Express Design, and Datamarts in Power BI are a symbol of our commitment to continuous improvement in rapidly developing solutions and increasing efficiency.

Learn more about Power BI data and updates.

Build advanced conversational AI bots with Power Virtual Agents 2.0

By bringing low-code and pro-code bot development onto a unified canvas, we’re taking inclusion teams to the next level. The evolution of Power Virtual Agents begins with the new intelligent bot authoring experience, which combines the complexity of the professional code capabilities of Azure Bot Framework Composer with the simplicity of the low-code platform of Power Virtual Agent, making it easier for professional and expert developers to build collaboratively in our bot build studio. for Microsoft.

Available in technical preview today.

The Power Virtual Agents authoring screen has been recreated from the ground up, greatly expanding the authoring capabilities of bots. In the new authoring screen, we’ve added the ability to seamlessly switch between graphic and educational experiences; multimedia responses that allow robots to respond with images, videos, adaptive cards, and rapid responses; And much more.

To test these features, Sign up for previewrecord in Dynamics 365 Insider Program or try one Click through today’s demo.

Learn more about New Power Virtual Agents authoring screen and other updates.

Large-scale automation via the cloud

We’re taking the next step in our automation journey through the cloud with a preview of our hosted RPA bots, now available on Power Automate. As a true software-as-a-service (SaaS) for RPA, standalone RPA bots can now be created and scaled automatically on hosted virtual machines (VMs) powered by Azure.

No more cumbersome approval cycles and costly deployments. With RPA bots hosted in Power Automate, simply create a bot pool by configuring basic parameters and using them to automatically scale virtual machines for your RPA scenarios – no Azure subscription required.

Power Automate will handle all aspects of machine management for you, helping you focus on what is most needed.

visit page power automation machines To access the preview and page Machine group management To read the documents.

Learn more about Hosted RPA bots and other Power Automate updates.

Making energy automation easier to embed and buy

Our SDK solution for including Power Automate, which allows developers to include Power Automate features in their SaaS applications, is also getting an update, along with the future ability to use a new Power Automate on-demand payment plan.

The combination of the two will allow independent software vendors (ISVs) to include Power Automate in their applications and pay for it on behalf of their customers as an Azure service.

We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Adobe over the past few months and they will be the first to use the Embedding SDK to embed Power Automate in Adobe Acrobat Sign to enable advanced document processing and signature workflows.

“No two companies are better positioned to meet the demands of business in today’s mixed world – easy and secure digital experiences with PDFs and electronic signatures at their core,” said Ashley Steele, Senior Vice President/General Manager Digital Media at Adobe. “Through the deeper integrations between Adobe and Microsoft that we announced today, we continue to innovate to elevate today’s rapidly evolving workforce.”

Developers can start using Embedded Technology SDK Today – Learn more here, and we’ll share more about the Pay on Demand plan in July 2022 at the Microsoft Inspire conference. If you’d like to consider early access, register your interest here.

Upcoming tracks

Make sure to watch Microsoft Power Platform sessions To delve into these new capabilities.

  • Enhance your development efforts with the latest low-code innovations
  • What’s new in the world of Microsoft Power Apps
  • What’s new in Microsoft chat AI and powerful virtual agents
  • Accelerate innovation and achieve greater agility on a trusted, integrated platform with hybrid and multi-cloud capabilities
  • Accelerate cloud automation and chatbot development for developers

Learn more about Microsoft Energy Platform And read more about how Create collaborative apps with Microsoft Teams by Jeff Tipper.

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