Porto beats Sporting and advances in the qualifiers – Basketball

Departure with several different moments. After a devastating start, Sporting fell a lot in terms of production and allowed Porto to recover. The Dragons thus gained an important advantage in the semi-finals of the playoff tournament. The next match is scheduled for Tuesday at 7 pm.

Endgame (87-68)


Joao Pedro Gonçalves:

Diogo Ventura:

-1:01- Two free throws around by Miguel Cardoso (84-65)

-2:43 Two free throws around by Diogo Araujo (82-61)

-3:00- Another slam dunk, this time by Odoms (82-59)

-3:20- Clove and Dunk Ball Back (80-59)

-3:55 Pimpleless Triple by Francisco Amarante (78-59)

-4:45 Miguel Queiroz with a good penetration scored two points (75-59).

-5:11- 1 point for Travant Williams from the free throw line (73-59)

-5:47- Jonathan Alredge with two successful free throws (73-58)

-6:05- Triple Diogo Araujo (71-58)

-7:11- Fuitsu Reciprocates (71-55)

-7:29- Miguel Cardoso does not hesitate in the free throw line and scores two points (69-55).

-8:05- Marca Odomes for FC Porto (69-53)

-8:48- Two points for Michael Morrison (67-53)

End of the third half

-0:05- Good penetration for Miguel Cardoso (65-53)

-0:20- Michael Morrison drowned (65-51)

-0:48- Francisco Amarante, with the help of the backboard, scores two points (63-51).

-1:00- Triple Diogo Araujo (61-51)

-1:38 A new trio for FC Porto, this time by Francisco Amarante (61-48).

-2:10 Miguel Correa makes his debut with a hat-trick (58-48)

-2:41 Jonathan Arledge responded with two shots from the free throw line (55-48)

-2:52 Toyo converts a free throw (53-48)

-3:56 Antonio Monteiro Trilogy (51-47)

-5:10 Shakir Smith scores with a foul and still converts the free throw (51-44)

-6:12- Joao Fernandez Laundry (51-41)

-6:28- Richard Olmes throws two free throws. 11-0 Partial Dragon (51-39)

-7:06- Fuetso sinks after good start from Charlon Clough (49-49)

-8:37- After a hat-trick from Vojtsu, Jonathan Arledge got two points (43-39).

The beginning of the second part


-0:45- Triple Diogo Araujo (38-39)

-1:35 Two more points for Joao Fernandez, now from the free throw line (38-36)

-2:00- Lions are approaching Porto with two points from Joao Fernandez (38-34).

-2: 16 Sporting continued without a soul in the second half and did not get points in the three consecutive attacks it was exposed to. Lions only take four points in this room

-3:58- Michael Morrison scored two points after winning the rebound (36-32)

-4:47- Williams 1 point from the free throw line (34-32)

-5:05- Assist Francisco Amarante in the drowning of Michael Morrison (34-31).

-5:34 Daniel Rilvao converts a free throw (32-31)

-7:22- Party atmosphere at the Dragao Arena with two Miguel Queiroz points (30-28)

-7:55- Odolmes tied the match at 28

-8:43- Two points for Rashford Odolmes (26-28)

-9:41 The second period begins with two free throws around Miguel Queiroz (24-28)

End of the first half (22-28)

-0:39- Triple Jonathan Arledge (22-28)

-2:15 Shakir Smith with six straight points (19-28)

-2:38 Miguel Queiroz scores two points with the backboard (19-22)

-3:41 Charlon Clough converts two free throws (17-22)

-4:26 Justin Toyo Trio (13-19)

-5:52 Rashford Odomis by two points from the free throw line (10-14)

-6:13- Michael Morrison converts a free throw (8-14)

-6:55 Diogo Ventura and Travant Williams almost tripled in a row (7-14)

8:21 – Diogo Ventura converts the hat-trick and the match is tied (5-5)

-Start the game in Dragon Arena

Five from FC Porto: Richard Odomes. Bradley Tinsley, Jonathan Arledge, Michael Morrison, Charlon Clough (Coach: Moncho Lopez)

Five from Sporting: Williams lock; Justin Toyo Mike Fofana Diogo Ventura Joao Fernandez (Coach: Luis Magalhaes)

– “We don’t underestimate the other games, but these are the ones everyone wants to play. We want to win, and we’re training and working for it,” Diogo Araujo, explained to Sporting TV.

– “We expect a physical match, with a lot of energy and intensity. We have to contain them and keep them steady in 40 minutes,” Jonathan Arledge told Porto’s communication channels.

The match will be officiated by Luis Lopez, Pedro Rodriguez and Pedro Maya.

– In the second stage of the tournament, Porto finished second and Sporting third, so the Dragons team started the confrontation on its home soil.

– Dragons and Lions will compete in the top three in a match that is expected to be exciting, to win a place in the tournament final. Whoever wins will measure his strength in the title fight with Benfica or Olivernes. Yesterday, the Reds won their first match at home with a score of 89-72.

– Good evening, and welcome, live from Porto Sporting Club, the first match of the semi-finals of the Bitclic League, the match that will be held at Arena Dragao, starting at three in the afternoon.

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