Pezulano – Ronaldo satisfied with Cruzeiro’s ball: ‘He is very happy’

Ronaldo and Pezulano
Photo: Gustavo Alexo / Cruzeiro

Ronaldo and Pezzolano enjoy Cruzeiro’s latest performance

Coach Paolo Pezulano said Cruzeiro’s final performance of the season pleased Sociedad Anima de Futebol (SAF) senior partner Ronaldo Finmino. According to the Uruguayan coach, the style of play that Celestial presented in the last matches of the second division of the Brazilian championship is close to the style of play that the businessman demands.

He said on the radio: “Ronaldo is very happy with the style of play, which is very similar to what he wants to see in his teams, he supports us a lot. Cruzeiro has earned a respect that he hasn’t had lately.” Interview. Sports 890from Uruguay, this Thursday (23).

“We are increasingly happy to be able to suggest the match so intensely from start to finish! Congratulations to Nao Azul who filled Mineiro and turned it into an unbearable cauldron for our opponent! Let’s go to Cruzeiro. Let’s go for more and more!” Ronaldo wrote.

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He also delighted the performance of Raposa Pezulano. According to the coach, the players are already playing with the intensity and speed that he expects.

“I am happy with the team’s performance, I already see that they are playing the way I want them to play. We are great strikers. In the last game, we had 22 shots on goal. In almost every game between us 20 and 26.”

Style identification

Under coach Paolo Pezulano, Raposa increasingly defined his attacking style, with greater control of ball possession and the adoption of pressing signs.

Since the Uruguayan coach changed the lineup to 3-4-3, with three defenders, two wingers, two defensive midfielders, two wingers and one midfielder, the team has also increased its defensive consistency. With this scheme, there are only six matches without a goal conceded.

To succeed in this tactical variation, Pezzolano requires Cruzeiro to work intensely throughout the match. It is the attacking players who set up the pressing mark in the last third of the field – a section of the field next to the opponent’s goal.

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