Paolo Cupertino: We must talk about the patriarchal culture of ownership between father and daughter

Last week, the civil police in Sao Paulo arrested Paolo CupertinoThe prime suspect in the actor’s murder Rafael Miguel and his parents in 2019.

The 51-year-old is accused of killing the family for not agreeing to the relationship between his daughter, Isabella Ticheraniand artist known for TV series on SBT.

Three years after the escape, Cupertino was captured under cover in São Paulo. He was the state’s most wanted man, and during that time he visited more than 300 addresses in Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina.

Remember the crime

On June 9, 2019, Brazil was shocked by the death of actor Rafael Miguel. According to a civil police investigation, Rafael, his father, Joao Alcesio Miguel, 52, and his mother, Miriam Salma Miguel, 50, went to Cupertino’s home to talk to him.

Paolo Cupertino did not accept the relationship between Rafael and his daughter Isabella. Upon receiving the family at the door of the house, the accused of the murder fired 13 bullets at the family, killing them all. He fled and soon disappeared from the country. The father ended up fleeing the country and was put on an Interpol list.

-The SP actor was killed when he went to meet his girlfriend’s parents was a victim of manhood

Rafael has had a solid career in television, already participating in TV series such as “Pé na Jaca” and “Cama de Gato”, as well as the year-end special “O Natal do Menino Emperor” for Globo.

Paolo Cupertino is accused of three murders, due to his double qualification, on a futile cause and appeal that made it impossible for the victims to defend themselves. In addition, two friends of the merchant were also arrested for collaborating with the man’s escape after the crime.

Isabella gave an interview to “Fantástico” saying that she would testify against her father. Although it wouldn’t stop anything that happened, it wouldn’t relieve the pain, the person who had caused all this damage was now in prison and wouldn’t go unpunished. It’s kind of a relief, in a way. It is as if the weights are gradually relieving themselves in our lives, and I have faith and hope that not only for me, but also for the Raphael family, that little by little things will calm down again and that there is this sense of justice in everything, said the Cupertino daughter.

patriarchal crime

The crime of Paolo Cupertino is horrific. It signifies one of the worst wounds in the father-daughter relationship caused by the violent and patriarchal system in which we live.

“He wasn’t someone who had any kind of sentimental feelings. It was real ownership. He wouldn’t let me live, he was very controlling. I didn’t really have a life until I was 18,” Isabella says.

– “21 years of violence”: Isabella Tibcherani’s mother reveals what she went through with her husband

Isabella said she had her happiest moments with Raphael, but her father’s paternal brutality took the lives of the young man and his family.

As we have already discussed here at tenderness The patriarchal It is a socio-economic system found in most societies around the world that puts power in the hands of men. Including the lives of girls.

Brazil inherited this custom from Portugal: the daughter was seen as a means of politically perpetuating family power, and could be “sold” and “bought” by means of dowry and dowry systems. This marriage system was popular until the 19th century.

To see how we still inherit some strange customs from this practice: the custom of the father of the bride entering the altar with his daughter to “give” her to the groom is precisely one of the rituals of this supposed exchange.

Today, there is a consensus in public opinion that women are independent and should be solely responsible for their life choices. But these psychosocial wounds of patriarchy that are still deeply rooted in our society could be key to understanding The cruelty of the crime of Paolo Cupertino.

mental Chauvini male And patriarchal Cupertino has social roots. These assets are not justified or diluted, they must be aggravating By committing a serious crime of primary motivated sexual violence, two families were destroyed.

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