Neighbors unite to help the homeless glass in the epidemic – 24/05/2022

According to a survey by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics, Brazil ended the first quarter of this year with 12 million unemployed. Much of this number is a reflection of the COVID-19 pandemic. But it was not only official workers who were affected by the health crisis.

Small businesses and the self-employed have also felt the effects. In São Paulo, a glass worker saw the service disappear during quarantine and ended up living on the street. However, neighbors from a neighborhood in São Paulo learned about the case and set up virtual crowdfunding to help him.

This effort made it possible to pay rent for property and food for him and his pet dogs. The sound echoAdelson told Jose de Sousa how the situation got to this point. Glass remembers living in a room for five years with his two dogs that were in the backyard. When he saw services disappear and his rent ran out, he went to live down the street with the animals in the neighborhood of Higienopolis, the city’s central district.

“I arrived at a gym dock on October 1, 2021 at night. I started receiving help the next day, with food donations. On the third day, a friend and her husband saw me and bought me a tent. From here and there I started receiving donations from several people in the area.”

The couple who bought the tent for the Adelsons were project engineer Michelle Barbosa and physical teacher Marcelo Rodriguez. Michelle explains that seeing this situation moved her.

“I met Adilson a few years ago. At the time, he would come to the dumpster in front of my building to get dog food, and sometimes, he would take advantage of that too. I asked him why he was there, where he lived, and he told me I had paid the rent and the income had not It was always enough to buy food for the dogs. With the rate of animal abandonment and abuse on the rise, I was moved by the respect and care with which he remembers his animals. So I started helping by donating food.”

A few years later, Michelle was on her way to the gym on a Sunday when she looked at the marquee and saw the glass with the dogs. She said that she entered the gym, but was not satisfied with the scene.

He said, “There was heavy rain about to fall. I couldn’t stand it. I left the gym and went to a store to buy a tent.”

new home

The couple began helping Adilson and his dogs. Other area residents also helped donate and even hired a vet to see the dogs. Until Michelle decided to create the virtual cat. Successful: More than R$4,000 raised.

Seu Adilson's new home with a sign declaring his service as glass - personal archive - personal archive

Mr. Adelson’s new home with a sign advertising his service as glass

Photo: personal archive

The money was used to buy basic things and pay rent for a property he could live in. Help the neighbors also by donating used furniture and other things for the house, as well as arranging a cart to carry everything.

“The rent in São Paulo is not cheap, it’s moved to a neighborhood away from the center. It’s a house with a garage to collect glass and the owner has accepted dogs,” Michelle explained.

Seu Adilson is grateful for all the support he got and says he will never forget the help he received. “I am very happy with Petpuzao, Seo Madruga, Chienha and Dona Floranda, they are my dogs that you all helped get out of the street condition after 5 months and 25 days,” he said in a message. Neighbour.

“I’ve already made the glazing panel and installed it. I’m already leaving my contact in some of the clubs in the Moka area, where I live now, and in the center, where I worked for my former clients,” he said. .

Glazier has been in business since 1998 and has gained clients over the years. “Not to mention I’ve lived in Sao Paulo for 35 years. So, I can say that I know a good part of the city that I love by heart. I intend to spend the rest of my life here.”

When he’s back on his feet, Adilson accepts help via PIX: 11984475837 (cell key).

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