Mogi offers 192 free courses for tech professionals

The platform is now available with 192 free courses and an unlimited number of vacancies to train and integrate professionals into the labor market. The Mogi Tech Academy program provides training and professional placement in the areas of systems development, programming, innovation and technology. The program was launched by the Municipal Secretariat for Economic Development and Innovation on Monday (25). The courses will be in distance learning (EAD) mode.

Those interested can now register for the courses available at the link (click here).

The launch brought together Mayor Kayo Cunha (PODE), Deputy Mayor Priscilla Yamagami Kaler and Mayor Marcus Forlan.

The mayor recalled his career, associated with the field of technology, and noted that he had to travel for 12 years to São Paulo, where he worked. Training courses at that time were restricted.

Caillou thanked Vice-State Representative Sergio Victor (Novo) who, he said, helped build the project at Mogi das Cruzes, through the free online training platform Novo Futuro Tech.

“Mogi Tech Academy is in operation today because you welcomed us, you added strength with us, with the digital pole. I wanted to thank you and congratulate you. Thank you, Sergio, for this partnership,” said the mayor.

According to him, “The people are at the heart of our state. This is proof that citizens are at the heart of our project. The technology market is full of vacancies and there are no people willing to fill these vacancies. My provocation is: Spread it, advertise it, take these courses,” added the mayor.

The Secretary of Economic Development and Innovation of the municipality, Gabriel Bastianelli, confirms that the Mogi Academy of Technology intends to solve the major bottleneck in the field of information technology, which exists throughout Brazil. The courses will be distance education (DE), in an area where there is a shortage of professionals and which at the same time offers a good remuneration.

“There are 192 course options, with no limits on space which will provide students with the technologies most demanded by the market. Participants will take the course at their own pace, with the best specialists and those who complete the required workload will receive certificates,” Bastianelli explains.

The shortage of IT professionals in Brazil is increasing and is expected to reach 800,000 job vacancies and vacancies by 2025. In addition, it is an area that offers professional growth, financial appreciation and recognition. A survey conducted by the Association of Information, Communications and Digital Technology Companies (Brascom) showed that jobs in this sector grew by 14.4% last year. The average is more than double what is recorded nationwide when it comes to other regions.

On the other hand, many people are thinking of changing their field of activity and Mogi Tech Academy provides a tangible possibility for those who have this goal, offering free courses available to all interested parties. In this sense, Bastianelli adds, it will be possible to slightly dampen the demand in this sector, which affects the labor market a lot. The Minister stresses that the technology sector is one of the fastest growing, most employable and most profitable sectors in Brazil.

Among the course options available are ‘Camps’, which provide immersive learning with practical classes and projects that prepare students for the job market. Another option is the “Live Coding” course, where participants are included in a live, customized session with the best professionals in the market to answer questions, practice and build their portfolio of projects, as well as learn the shortcuts to advance their careers. There is also the Acceleration course, which enables students to accelerate their careers in an immersive way, with practical classes and projects.

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