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Last night, the Nacional president spoke about the club’s current model in the RTP-Madeira “extension” program and regretted the withdrawal of the regional government’s investment in relation to professional football, in Madeira.

Even Rui Alves compared the funds that were directed by Alberto Joao Jardim and those now headed by Miguel Albuquerque.

According to the manager, Alberto Joao Jardim realized that “the football dimensions of teams in Madeira correspond to the natural development of the process of autonomy and at the same time a factor of popular glorification”, while with the current head of the regional government this does not happen. In fact, Roy Alves attributed the five European participations of Alvinegros to the sports policies implemented by the former leader of the executive branch of Maderan.

I can’t force Albuquerque, who doesn’t like football, to have the same vision. But I have to respect.
Rui Alves, President of Clube Desportivo Nacional

The English club captain – who will give up his salary so that it is not “another obstacle to team building” – indicated that this political dimension “does not belong to those who run the club” and reinforced it. The management becomes more difficult and the risks increase.

“In 2002, when we went up to the I Liga, the public funding was 3 million euros. Today, Rui Alves made it clear that I have to wait for the loans and the expiry of the contract, recalling names like Adriano, Paulo Assunção or Rossato. Today, the money stipulated in the program contracts does not provide room To maneuver to acquire players of another level and the same risks increase with regard to the quality of athletes who sign a contractual relationship.

The fact that it projected an “above capacity” budget in the previous season, which obviously assumed a run for promotion, even with the seventh largest “spend” in League Two, makes Choupana’s mantra carry over to the next season with a €1m shortfall above revenue. So the money “prepare the planning”.

The former SAD club president of Al Jazira Club refers to “serious financial damage” by the current administration on the eve of an “important day” in court

Regarding Margarida Camacho’s criticism, Rui Alves accused the former leader of “embezzling club funds, forging signatures on checks to withdraw funds and seizing funds from members’ shares” after lawyers concluded there had been “systematic embezzlement, in general, with successive withdrawals of funds” using “Debit Card Delivered by Confidence”.

There are 72% of members who like the boss and the other 28% are the problem. We currently have a criminal case against a partner, and I am even consulting a lawyer for some barbarism being written on social media which, from a legal point of view, may have the course these gentlemen deserve. They will write on their own, but club members will no longer be either.
Rui Alves, President of Clube Desportivo Nacional

And among the 28%, those who support this character on social networks show how much they defend the interests of the club. I should have let the club get robbed, not take any initiative and the management was great. It only became less than optimal when she was caught embezzling funds from the Foundation,” added Roy Alves, emphasizing that he has a “moral and public duty” to protect the support of the regional government.

Obtaining a €25 million proposal for 90% of SAD

Roy Alves also admitted that given the current situation, as a reclusive club, it would have no other choice but to open the door to foreign investors and assumed he would relinquish the presidency of SAD “if he understood that it was best for the Institute”.

At the moment I admit I can’t have another way. Should a serious and tangible expression of interest arise, we may have no other choice. Besides, as you know, in these situations the problem often arises if the majority of the SAD capital is sold so that the chief has to concede to the investor (…) obstacle.
Rui Alves, President of Clube Desportivo Nacional

Roy Alves also revealed a recent approach to a group that aims to invest in islanders.

“Over time, we were contacted. For example, I had an approach before a mass election. For 25 million euros, we sold 60% of the share capital of SAD, the part owned by SGPS do Nacional, and everyone who was dealing with it said that if it was 90%, we’ll do business. I said no. I didn’t know if that would happen.”

Although sitting at the table discussing the matter, Rui Alves disagrees with the model followed in Portugal which “disturbs the work of enterprises”, but “if this is the way to compete with other slogans” then the capital contribution can be made.

Then “if the members do not correct the ‘decision’ in the general assembly, then it is natural at that very moment” that he will ask “to resign and the members will take care of the institution.”

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