Luis Campos talked about PSG, Mbappe, Conceicao, Amorim and Roger Schmidt

Luis Campos, the football project guru who led Monaco (2016/17) and Lille (2020/21) to be champions of France against the great Paris Saint-Germain, on Tuesday assumed that his future would soon be known, without mentioning the Paris club. On the sidelines of the 16th International Football Conference, which is being held at the University of Maya, the sports advisor also spoke about Sergio Conceição and Rubén Amorim as well as about Roger Schmidt.

Leonardo has already left PSG, but Luis Campos, appointed to succeed him, still leaves his future open. “I think they will be able to find out soon. It is a time of reflection and discussion, it is a part of our lives. Let’s wait for the next few days and effectively understand what I will do during the next season. Back to France? And Spain too, because Celta de Vigo is very close here » , he began by saying in statements to reporters.

Leonardo’s departure was announced on Saturday, a few hours after the renewal of striker Kylian Mbappe, who will receive around 300 million euros in signing bonus and a net annual salary of around 100 Egyptian pounds (about 1.9 million euros per week). The deal led to La Liga announcing that it would cede Paris Saint-Germain to UEFA and the relevant European Union bodies, in defense of “European football’s economic ecosystem”.

The organization led by Javier Tebas considers it “shameful” that the club owned by Qatari Nasser Al-Khelaifi, who lost more than 220 million pounds in 2021/22, added “a loss of 700 million pounds” over the seasons. To counter such an agreement.

“I don’t think it’s an unfair competition. I think it’s the modern era, where the economy has a lot of weight in everything and also in football. When we see these high transfers, it means the importance the football industry places in today’s society and the importance of great players in people’s lives. Of course, the economic world follows the fashion trends,” commented Luis Campos, who was a consultant to Turkish club Galatasaray and Spanish club Celta de Vigo during 2021/22.

“I do not know the allegations of Sergio Conceicao”

The chancellor then spoke about the Portuguese league, the “big victory of Porto” and the “interesting” work of Sergio Conceicao. “It must be said that Sergio is already in a great club. A great football club in the world, with a fabulous history. I don’t know Sergio’s claims. I know he is a coach he admires very much, he has extraordinary quality, along with his staff, and of course I hope Sergio will think , who I know has two more years on his contract, in this period. I repeat: I don’t know your intentions, but I admit that you still have a lot of potential, while you continue to do a great job,” he said.

“Amorim has clearly demonstrated his enormous potential.”

Robin Amorim has also been mentioned as a target for PSG. «In the past three to four years in Portugal, Robben has clearly shown his huge potential. Sporting has developed a lot in many aspects, and so has his team. Last year he was also a champion in a fair way. This year it was the team closest to FC Porto with high quality. But these questions should be asked to coaches more than I do. We are talking about two coaches, in this case the Portuguese who contracted with their clubs, and they are great clubs, with great history and great strength in world football”, he said.

Roger Schmidt is going to have a big job ahead of him.

The comments came on the day Roger Schmidt arrived in Lisbon to start work at Benfica. «He is also a great coach who has made it to another club in world football, he will have a great job and I welcome him to Portugal, in this wonderful country. Welcome to our football and I hope he will make a very positive contribution not only to his club, but basically bring what any foreigner should bring when working in another country, bring new things and help us, like Portuguese football, to grow and think. Their ideas that they put into the field. Basically, that adds something, he has a very rich approach to it and I hope he can bring good moments to Portuguese football,” he said.

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