Luis Campos sees the quality in Conceicao and Amorim going up in football

“The Sérgio Conceição is already in a great club, with a great history in world football. I don’t know his claims, but he’s a coach he admires a lot and who, along with his team, has an exceptional quality. I know he still has two years left on his contract with FC Porto and I hope he reflects on that period. He must have many possibilities, as he continues to do an amazing job, but what I hope is the best luck in the world and that he continues to make good decisions,” he said.

Luis Campos was speaking to the media on the sidelines of the 16th International Football Conference, which takes place between the two and today at the University of Maya, where he gave a lecture for more than an hour on the topic “The Footballer of Today and the Conquest of the Future”.

“It was a well deserved victory. [do FC Porto na I Liga]With high quality football and a team feel. Sérgio Conceição has done a great job in this regard. The spirit of FC Porto has always been very strong and linked to a sense of teamwork. Porto won another tournament well, because, collectively, it was clearly the strongest team with exceptional personalities that the coach knew how to add”, he added.

The press published about Sergio Conceicao as one of the possible successors to the French national team of the Argentine Paris Saint-Germain, Mauricio Pochettino, winner of the Championship, the French Cup and the Super Cup in two seasons.

Another name mentioned is that of Robin Amorim, who, according to the daily “Le Parisien”, will be the first choice of Luis Campos, who is supposed to soon become the sporting director of the French champions, succeeding the Brazilian Leonardo.

“Ruben Amorim has clearly shown his huge potential in the last three or four years in Portugal. Together with his team, Sporting has developed a lot in many aspects. He was a fair champion in 2020/21 and it was the team that was closest to FC Porto in 2021/ 22, with great football quality. Bet on PSG, you have to ask these coaches more questions than you ask me,” he said.

Luis Campos, who coached Gil Vicente, Vitoria de Setubal, Varzim and Beira Mar in the first Spanish league, also received German coach Roger Schmidt, who arrived in Portugal this morning to sign a two-season contract with Benfica.

“I hope that one day he will leave with a very positive contribution, not only for his club, but above all, bringing what any foreigner should bring when working in another country. That is, new things that will help grow as a club and think of the ideas he brings to the field. Basically, it adds something. He has a very rich approach to this and I hope he can bring good moments to Portuguese football,” he pleaded.

The master of projects that led Monaco (2016/17) and Lille (2020/21) to be champions of France against the great Paris Saint-Germain, Luis Campos admits that national clubs are “less strong” in European competitions, despite their very growth”.

“I would like Portugal to be able to move forward in the Champions League, but the economic aspect makes a huge difference. Being able to buy affects the performance of the big teams, but the Portuguese has always been very creative and will find the best way to get back into the competition more. Some great players have come in. In world football here when it was a real ‘poll’.

Noting that the Covid-19 epidemic “has had a lot of power” in the impact felt by the sector, the Galatasaray Turks and Celta de Vigo advisor and Spaniards during 2021/22 believe the national team will “make a great success”. The World Cup, with the support of “wonderful athletes” and a coach who “has already proven to be very experienced and capable”.

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