Learn how to make environments more cat friendly

To please Misty and Lizzie (on her lap), Fernanda Jacob n brow pigmented
To please Misty and Lizzie (on her lap), Fernanda Jacob’s eyebrow tint doesn’t skimp on pampering: “After I bought the scratching posts, I noticed my kitten became a lot calmer and relaxed.” (Photo: Pdua de Carvalho/The Meeting)

Whoever never succumbs to a gurgle, one day he will. At least that’s what cat educators believe, who do not skimp on ensuring the safety, health and well-being of their pets. And because cats not only live in shade and fresh water, they also take care of providing them with a healthy protein that stimulates their natural instincts, which can be done through what is called ecological fertilization. This enrichment is divided into nutritional, sensory, cognitive, physical and social categories, and this enrichment will be necessary to prevent behavioral problems such as fear, aggression, anxiety and diseases such as obesity and depression.

A cat who is a cat really loves to catch birds, balance on walls, make love on the roof, scratch logs, provoke rivals, and when there’s time, fix this mess with the dog. The only problem is that the price of living life like crazy is that it doesn’t last long. While pets live an average of 15 years, animals that venture out onto the streets usually do not exceed 3 years, and the solution has been to confine cats to homes and apartments. In exchange for the freedom lost, some compensation was necessary to make the environments more attractive and healthy.

In the home of makeup artist and fashion designer Ross
In the home of makeup artist and stylist Rosngela Sant%u2019Ana, cats Elvis (pictured), Nina, Kyra, Malu and Mel are the owners of the piece and loved the news: “It was a hit” (Photo: Pdua de Carvalho/The Meeting)

“Choosing products made with the right materials to truly combat cat stress is of paramount importance to ensuring their health and quality of life,” says Claudio Barbosa Menezes, product designer and founder of Cat Design, a brand of Minas Gerais that specializes in sustainable products. for cats. To get the cats out of their boredom and sadness, the houses became “gatificados”. The somewhat odd term suggests that toys and things were made to meet the needs of felines. In the home of makeup artist and fashion designer Rosângela Sant’Ana, cats Elvis, Nina, Kyra, Malu, and Mel, all mixed breeds, own the place and loved the news. “It was a success,” Rosangela says.

Lady Gaga the cat
Lady Gaga is an only child and, like her famous name, is full of energy. To get the job done, teacher Galia Rocha invested in a change of place: “She looked calmer and happier. So do I!” (Photo: Eduardo Rocha/RP Photographic Productions/Disclosure)

Some of the symptoms that cats do not satisfy at all are compulsive behaviors such as excessive licking, lack of appetite and meowing that often resembles whining. With more options to exercise and interact with the environment, your senses are reactivated, strengthening your muscles and bones and exercising your memory. Direct influence on their cognitive and social development, preference for interaction with humans and other animals. “While studying the physiology and behavior of cats, I found out a lot about their habits and needs and adapted them to the products we make,” Claudio says.

Architect Isabella Bossi bets on environmental enrichment so Bryson (pictured), Zara, M.
Architect Isabella Bossi bets on eco-enrichment so that Bresson (pictured), Zara, Messina and Lambeau don’t risk escaping: “I use toys, walks, and scratching poles, among other products to distract them.” (Photo: Pdua de Carvalho/The Meeting)

Thus appeared scratching posts made of cardboard in various shapes with high mechanical resistance on contact without injuring the cat’s claws. Aerial platforms, sofa protectors, dens and beds are made to ensure pet thermal balance and stimulate jumping muscles. “After I purchased the scratching posts, I noticed that my kitten became calmer and more relaxed,” says brow tincturer Fernanda Jacob. To please Misty, Suzy, Yoshi and Lizzie, who are also interracial, she doesn’t skimp on pampering. There are several possibilities. Cats as natural carnivores enjoy going out in search of snacks that can be hidden in interactive games, as well as love to diversify the menu with delicacies such as pancakes. Ambush hunters, they really like to be hunting for prey to make that precise dash. In their absence, it is worth using a traditional stick game that encourages them to move without the frustration of not reaching their target, which is usually the case when using a laser pointer pen. Not to mention the risk of causing some damage to the animal’s eyes. To make the environment more attractive to cats, it is worth misusing your imagination.

But before buying a toy or product for your cat, consider which will be best for your age, size, energy level and, of course, the safest. As demanding as they are, they end up getting bored with the games that they can access for free. Therefore, the advice is to change the game throughout the week. Architect Isabella Bossi suffered the shock of losing her first shot after running away and being run over. When he lived in the house, he beefed up security with screens even on the walls of his backyard so that Bryson, Zara, Maezinha and Lampau, all of mixed race, would not risk any chance. “Since then, I started worrying about escape routes and toys, walks, and scratching posts, among other products to distract them. It works,” he says.

In the windows of the houses, large screens allow the cats to be distracted by watching the street and enjoying a nice sunbath. They also enjoy playing with water fountains, which are ideal for encouraging hydration and preventing urinary tract ailments. Cat SRD Lady Gaga is the only child and just like her famous name, she is full of energy and always on the lookout for excitement. To get the job done, teacher Julia Rocha bets on aerial circuits, platforms, tunnels, scratching posts, and a raised feeder, among other things for the kitty. “I’ve become visibly calmer and happier,” he says. “And so am I!”

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