“I thought I threw my clothes away,” said the father of a child who was thrown by my stepmother from the fourth floor of Maceió | Alagoas

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Both presented different versions of the fight that led to the crime. The report did not reveal the faces or names of the couple so as not to identify the victim. The boy was taken to hospital with cuts to his face and bruises all over his body.. The latest medical bulletin from State General Hospital (HGE), released in the late afternoon, states that his health is stable.

Disagreements were ongoing between the spouses due to jealousy. According to the stepmother’s account, her two children, aged 12 and 14, and his 6-year-old son were inside the house during the fighting. She says she threw her youngest out of the window because her husband assaulted her and threatened her son.

“He kept threatening my son, saying ‘I’m going to kill your son,’ my 14-year-old son. We were in the house arguing, you punched my glasses, and he grabbed my mouth. My son went for him saying ‘No uncle, no uncle, don’t do that,'” said the woman.

“I told him, if you kill my son, I will also kill my son. Then I took his son and threw him,” said the stepmother.

According to the Guardianship Council, the two young men were taken to the homes of their relatives, where they are receiving care. They will receive a visit from counselors this Tuesday (24) to assess the need to receive psychological counseling.

A 6-year-old boy was thrown from the fourth floor of the building where he lived with his father and wife in Maceió – Photo: Reproduction / Gazeta TV

The father of the boy who was thrown out of the window tells a different story. Also in an interview with the report, he said that he was drinking with his wife, but decided to go up to the apartment in front of her, as the woman wanted to continue drinking in the common area of ​​the apartment where she lives, her son to sleep.

“We always fought because of jealousy, but I never imagined she would be able to do that to my son. We went out to have a little fun, and drank. I went up to the house, took a shower, put him to bed, showered and waited for her to go up, but she didn’t go up. I went down to see if she was still There she drank and saw her quarrel with her colleague, ”said the man.

According to his account, the wife was angry because she expected to receive support from her husband, which did not happen. “It was a disagreement between them. She was angry because I was practically in favor. [outra] a woman. The moment she came, she said, “I’m going to kill him now.” I thought it was me, but it wasn’t. I spoke to my son.”

“When I went in, I heard her son say ‘Mom, not that.’ Then I heard a noise downstairs. When I went upstairs, she was no longer inside the house and my son wasn’t lying. When I looked through the window I actually heard people screaming,” recalls Dad the victim.

And about the eldest son’s threat to his wife, the man denied the accusation. “Lies, lies, she wants to invent, what the hell are you doing to me. If she says it’s me [que a agrediu]We will take a test and prove who hit her.”

The child’s stepmother was charged with attempted murder. You will still have custody session on Tuesday (24th), when Justice will decide whether to stay in prison or whether to be held accountable for the crime freely.

“I wasn’t supposed to do this, because I ended up with my life, the lives of my children. I have to pay for what I did. I’m so sorry for what I did to the boy, I ask God Too much for him to leave this, because he was not responsible for anything,” said the stepmother. “.

Arrest of a woman who admitted she played a stepson from the fourth floor of a building in Maceió – Photo: TV Gazeta

A 6-year-old boy thrown from the fourth floor of a building in Maceió is hospitalized at HGE – Photo: Reproduction / Gazeta TV

Video: Guardianship counselor tells the story he heard from the boy’s father

6 years alive after being thrown from the fourth floor of a building in Maceió

6 years alive after being thrown from the fourth floor of a building in Maceió

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