“I remember the Titanic,” Kelps Lima says of the RN . government ticket

For Kelps, the ruling card represents old RN politics and economic backwardness. Photo: ALRN

“Historic mistake. State Deputy and former candidate for the House of Representatives Kelps Lima (Solidariedade) on a majority list headed by Governor Fatima Bezerra (PT), the primary candidate for Deputy Governor, Federal Senate Deputy Walter Alves (MDB) and former Natal Mayor Carlos Eduardo Alves (PDT), has announced the nominee for Ex-Federal Senate in October elections.

“Society has struggled for years to modernize the political thought and practices on which these groups are based. The Labor Party is an example of heavy statist thinking and the defense of a bloated, non-working machine in the service of organized ideological groups. On the other hand, the oligarch sees the public machine as a family asset, something that the son inherits from the father and will necessarily have to pass on to the grandson, and so forth. historical error. The deputy, in an exclusive interview with AGORA RN, on Monday the 23rd of this week, said that joining these groups is bad for everyone.

According to him, the combination of Fatma Bezerra, Walter Alves and Carlos Eduardo Alves is not good for Rio Grande do Norte. On the one hand, Fatima will continue to hand over the state as a booty to the Labor Party and on the other hand, Alves wants to re-establish those ties with the old policies that made Rio Grande do Norte abandon the development in which he lives today, and to integrate the public machine as a material for family negotiations.

He continued, “RN is fortunate that they will lose this year’s elections. Fabio Dantas is rising in the polls and we will beat Fatma Bezerra these days. He stressed that I and many people I know dream of a more modern country with opportunities for all and not just for closed groups.”

The deputy made an analogy stating that “every time I see news of this ticket, I remember the Titanic. The risk of not being together in the second round. Or even earlier, when Fabio Dantas beat Fatima in the polls about voting intentions “, he emphasized.

Regarding Governor Fatma Bezira and the allies of the Workers’ Party in the state who designated Federal Representative Walter Alves as a coup plotter because he voted in favor of the trial of former President Dilma Rousseff (PT) and who are now political allies, Kelps Lima, the deputy of Dilma, whom the PT accuses of being one of the Speakers in the process of dismissal, it was from MDB, the same party as Walter Alves and Garibaldi Alves Filho. He warned that everyone who worked for accountability once can work again.

In Kelps Lima’s assessment, it is unfortunate that the former mayor of Natal backed President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) in the second round of the 2018 elections, “I am very sorry for the former mayor. truly , “

The parliamentarian defended the name Fabio Dantas (Solidarity) as governor of the state of Rio Grande do Norte. “Fabio Dantas is the primary candidate for governor and along with good men and women, friends, mayors, deputies and political leaders from all over Rio Grande do Norte. Two out of three Botiguar want to remove Fatma Bezerra from government and the opposition now has a name and flag and is building a project to make the transformations it needs The State He noted that this change begins today, now, by the people, against the Workers’ Party and in favor of Rio Grande do Norte.

Picture of a plaque made next to “The Saint of Impossible Causes”

Governor Fatima Bezerra was on Sunday 22nd, in Santa Cruz, along with the two primary candidates on the majority ticket: Walter Alves (Deputy Governor), Carlos Eduardo Alves (Senator of the Republic), as well as the former senator and primary candidate. For Federal MP Garibaldi Alves Filho and political leaders from the region of Triere. This is the first public appearance of the PT director and her co-workers in the race.

“I hope that Santa Rita de Casilla strengthens our faith and inspires us to continue the struggle for a world of peace and social justice, and for better and better days in Rio Grande do Norte. It is a day when we thank God for Santa Rita as well as for health workers, because thanks to vaccination we can be personally reunited At this beautiful party, two years later, ”the governor wrote via her social network.

Federal MP Walter Alves and his father, former senator Garibaldi Alves Filho, despite appearing together in the photo with Governor Fatima Bezerra on the agenda of the Santa Rita party, were limited to publishing a post on their social networks, without disclosing the photo with the Labor member, “Municipal Visit Santa Cruz that celebrated the closure of another party for Santa Rita de Cascia,” he noted.

The former candidate of the National Convention, Carlos Eduardo Alves, published a post on Twitter in which he wrote: “Next to the Governor, Deputy Mayor of Natal and the primary candidate for Federal Rep. Ayla Cortez, in the procession of Santa Rita de Casilla.”

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