DF needs to rehabilitate 100,000 workers within 3 years to fill vacancies in the industry | Federal District

Survey industrial work map, made by the National Industry Observatory, and concluded that the Federal District needs to qualify 100 thousand Persons, In the next three yearsto meet market needs. According to the Confederation of Industries of Brasilia (the basic), Until 2025 It will need to be replaced, approx. 25,000 workers are about to retire.

The account also includes new and other job vacancies 75 thousand workers Who will need refresher and training courses. In Brazil, according to the study, the demand is 9.6 million skilled workers by 2025.

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  • Industrial production: Despite the 0.7% growth in February, the index is still below the pre-pandemic level

The areas with the greatest demand for training areInformation technology, construction, logistics, transportation and metalworking, as well as occupations that allow professionals to work in areas such as occupational safety technician and research and development support technicianamong others (See details below).

What are the training needs of professionals in DF

professions The qualification level corresponds to 74% of industrial employment in Brazil. On the other hand, technical and high-level jobs are following a growth trend, according to a study by the National Industry Observatory.

Demand for training in DF

level Requests
Qualification (with a workload of less than 200 hours) 34939
Qualification (with a workload greater than 200 hours) 16,515
Technical 25.071
Top 24397
Total 100922

The study also evaluated the political, economic, technological and employment estimates and scenarios for the coming years. For this calculation, the observatory states that it took into account the rates of penetration of new technologies in companies and organizational changes in production chains.

Learn about the areas most in need of professional training by 2025:

Areas of greatest demand for training

space Requests
Information Technology 20,844
building 19506
Logistics and transportation 11,028
transverse 10516
metal mechanics 7,813
Food and drinks 6702
electronics 5,124
Telecommunications 4389
the cars 3,126
Management 2,227

High-level professionals

Confrontation For those who have completed high school or its equivalentthese courses Bachelor’s degree or Bachelor’s degree. The minimum workload is 2400 hours, but it can be up to 7200 hours.

upper level

Job Demand in initial training improvement request
IT Analysts 1,492 12,211
Civil Engineers and Related to them 485 1,811
IT Administrators 137 1,118
IT managers 116 954
Sales, Marketing and Communications Managers 116 602

Professionals at the technical level

Senai technical courses have a workload of between 800 hours and 1200 hours and are intended for students who are enrolled or have finished high school.

technical level

Job Demand in initial training improvement request
Electronics technicians 633 2,184
Computer operation and control technicians 422 1,882
Systems and application development technicians 441 1,837
Communication technicians 247 1,533
Air Transport Technicians 209 1,274

Qualifying courses are intended for young people and professionals looking to enter certain professions. For these courses, it is not necessary to have a certain level of education. In the end, the student receives a certificate of completion.

Qualification / more than 200 hours

Job Demand in initial training improvement request
Bakers, confectioners, and the like 750 1,326
Car maintenance mechanics 795 908
Electrical installation workers 429 794
Installers and repairers of electrical, telephone and data communication lines and cables 203 915
Plumbers and pipe fittings 192 738

Qualification / Less than 200 hours

Job Demand in initial training improvement request
Civil work assistants 2943 3,685
production line feeders 937 3,039
General cargo vehicle drivers 609 3,195
Construction workers 1,189 1,647
Butchers (butchers) and the like 1,064 1,609

Free course offers with open enrollment at DF

To begin to meet the needs of the market, the National Service for Industrial Learning (Senai-DF) is 10.8 thousand open positions com for free qualification courses. Among them, storekeeper, carpenter, painter, foreman, administrative assistant, accounting assistant, electrician and mechanic, among others.

Applications can be submitted online until classes are closed. Classes are held at Sinai Schools in the Graphic Industry Sector (SIG), Braslandia, Gama, Taguatinga and Sobradinho.

There are also vacancies in the qualifications and specializations you offer Defender Innova TechIt is managed by the Department of Science, Technology and Innovation and the Research Support Foundation of the Federal District (FAP-DF).

Industrial production grew 0.7% in February

Industrial production grew 0.7% in February

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