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After the fallout from the case of the boy who was thrown by his stepmother from the fourth floor of a building in Maceió, the Guardianship Board received several complaints that the child had, on several occasions, been left alone at home with only two of them. Teenagers, one twelve and one fourteen. For the council, this can mark the abandonment of the incapable.

The teens are the sons of a stepmother who admitted to dumping the 6-year-old during a fight. The crime took place in the early hours of Monday morning (23). The boy is still in the Government General Hospital (HGE). He was admitted with cuts to his face and bruises all over his body, and according to the latest medical report, the clinical picture has developed well and his health has stabilized.

In the face of these complaints, the Guardianship Council contacted the relatives so that the boy would be under their responsibility when he was released.

“The council applies protection measures. It is not up to the council to decide the issue of custody, it is up to the judiciary. But the council has the autonomy to take out this child from where his rights are being violated and leave him in a safe place. And a suitable place until the judge decides who will keep this child,” Everton Beta said. Chairman of the Guardianship Councils.

The consultants located two of the baby’s aunts who had expressed an interest in keeping the baby until everything was resolved.

“We are analyzing it with colleagues, doing an active search for the family and have already spoken to the aunts and they are interested in staying [com o sobrinho]. So, our board will probably leave it with one of these aunts,” Peta added.

The counselor also said that the complaints would be investigated during the police investigation. The council’s attention was also drawn to the conflicting relationship the couple had maintained. There are reports that the stepmother was jealous of this child.”

Police are investigating the crime scene

On Tuesday (24th) afternoon, the civil police were present in the apartment where the boy was thrown. Deputy Thiago Prado followed the work of the scientific expert who collected data such as the size of the apartment, the distance from the window, the arrangement of the furniture in the room, among other details. The information should help in understanding the dynamics of crime.

The delegate said, “What we found is that, given the distance from where the child was found, the boy had already been thrown. He did not fall in a straight line.”

Thiago Prado also said that the crime scene should only be reconstructed if there was any inconsistency in the progress of the investigation. The father of the child accompanied the police work in the apartment. The delegate said he repeated the version in the first filing.

Adriana Ferreira da Silva, 31, was arrested and held in flagrante delicto for attempted murder. In an interview with TV NewspaperShe said that she often quarreled with the boy’s father out of jealousy, but lost her mind in the last quarrel because her partner threatened her 14-year-old son.

We argued [o pai da vítima] They kept threatening my eldest son. I told him, if you kill my son, I will also kill my son. We were arguing inside the house, and that’s when I took his son and played,” the woman admitted.

The victim’s father denied that he threatened his partner’s son. In a different version, he says that she was drinking in the common area of ​​the dwelling, quarreled with her neighbor and was angry because she did not get the support that she expected. “I thought she threw my clothes away,” he said.

This Tuesday, the judge decided to keep Adriana in prison. At a hearing held during the afternoon, her arrest during the act was turned into remand. She was sent to the Santa Luzia Women’s Prison in Maceió.

The stepmother who threw a stepson out the window says she’s sorry

The stepmother who threw a 6-year-old girl out of a building window says she's sorry

The stepmother who threw a 6-year-old girl out of a building window says she’s sorry

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