Carlos Vanguero is the first Portuguese coach to win Luxembourg – football

Coach Carlos Vanguero on Sunday led Dudelange to the title of champions Luxembourg football after three seasons, acknowledging that he is “icing on the cake” in the face of the restructuring that has taken place at the club.

“We had less problems this season. The team has not been strengthened, but it has been strengthened well. The players who arrived brought quality, joined a group that was already very united and tight-knit and made us stronger. We started a big renewal for two years,” said the 45-year-old former striker. , who became the first Portuguese coach to be crowned the Grand Duchy champion, told Lusa News Agency.

Founded in April 1991, F91 Dudelange has won its sixteenth title in just over three decades of existence, with a score of 67 points, five points behind Diverdang, second, and former cup holder Voula Isch, who closed the podium, cementing himself as the second most Clubs honored in 107 editions of the competition, after 28 players from the Jeunesse Esch team.

“Maybe we had the richest person in the country [o investidor Flavio Becca]who left for Swift Hesperang [quarto classificado]. It took all the bearers and left us without financial strength. There was a new organization, we restructured it and we had to look for players with contracts that were very cheap and insulting to our reality,” he recalls.

If success came in Dudelange’s second season, Carlos Vangueiro lost the 2020/21 championship by two points, affected by “some accidents”, such as the outbreak of 24 cases of the Covid-19 virus, which made it one. Or another victory could have been achieved.”

“Everyone said we were going to be the new Grevenmacher, who played in European competitions, was the champion of Luxembourg several times and now plays in the third or fourth division. Everyone said we should have the same fate, but we faced it with a lot of effort and dedication. We were organized and demanding, And we’ve been able to keep the spirit of the group going from year to year and I think everyone is appreciated.”

On the Matusinhos-born coach’s horizon, there is the possibility of achieving the eighth “double” in Dudelange’s history, which is based on Friday’s victory over Racing Union, in the Luxembourg Cup final, proof that he did indeed. He won on eight occasions.

“This track was also difficult, as we always had to play against the toughest opponents in the lottery. Racing has bet hard this year to be champions. [foi sétimo na Liga]but we have already eliminated Progrès Niederkorn [2-0, nos quartos de final]who also made that bet, and Voula Ish [5-4, nas ‘meias’]With a crazy game. This qualification for the Luxembourg Cup final is well deserved,” he said.

Carlos Fangueiro characterizes this ‘huge competitive’ season with ‘eight clubs that wanted to be champions’, from ‘doubles’ Dudelange (2005/06, 2006/07, 2008/09, 2011/12, 2015/16, 2016/17 and 2018). /19), which was celebrated when “it was the richest club in Luxembourg”.

“Weirdly, the club had a team of 40 professional players, which turned out to be an exaggeration. There was nothing missing and there was tremendous choice, but that just didn’t exist anymore. Now, what I want to appreciate is that it would be historic if he eventually did” Weakness” at a time marked by restructuring and fiscal deficits,” he said.

With previous experience serving Attert Bessen (2012-2016), where he was player-coach, and Titus Petang (2016-2020), who also promoted to sporting director, renewed with Dudelange until 2024 the previous week. Title “special flavor”.

“I felt that there was always a great desire from the president and the entire board of directors to continue with me at the helm of this big ship. Unfortunately, there were no financial terms to ensure that the players and ‘crew’ were paid until the end of the season. But, with four rounds remaining, we probably played Best match of the season against Hesperang, we won 1-0 and had a comfortable lead at the top. The sponsors knocked on the door and some reached an agreement with the club.”

This financial margin will make it possible to maintain the base of Dudelange, the Portuguese athletes Joselino Silva, Juscelino dos Santos, Mohsen Hassan and Francisco Nenet in 2022/23, as well as Carlos Vanguero, accompanied by his wife and four children in the Grand Duchy. .

“Going back to Portugal? It’s a big wish and a big dream. Not so long ago, there was a possibility that I would go now, but it wasn’t the right time. Some of my children will study in Portugal next year, and if I come back if there is an invitation, I will think differently. Now, I know I will be able to come to Portugal and have a good project,” said the former winger from Vitoria de Guimarães, Gil Vicente and Uniao de Leiria in the first Liga.

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