Brett’s father was stabbed three times during Paul Stock’s career in Portugal

Thousands of pounds were raised for the stabbing death of a Welsh tourist who celebrated his friend Stoke Dove three times in Portugal.

More than 7,000 were collected for Alex Evans of Trehbert after a terrorist attack just 100 meters from his hotel.

The father of one of the children fought for his life, spent several days in intensive care and had to undergo major surgery after he was left to die. Wales Online.

His parents, Biff and Paul, stand by his side, and say he still has ways to go before he can go home with his partner Leah, son Harry, sister Ellie and son-in-law Charlie.

The 32-year-old was waiting for news of his health when the family returned to their home in Wales, overwhelmed with support.

Alex Evans, who was stabbed three times while on vacation in Portugal, with his son Harry


Alex Evans / Media Wells)

Sister Ellie says: “The care she received from the hospital was fantastic. I spoke to my parents in Portugal and they were touched by the support from the community, friends and family.

“Everyone got together and offered so much help and congratulations. The fundraiser really impressed us and showed how much Alex cares and loves us.”

When Alex was at the Albuquerque resort with a group of eight friends, they broke up one night.

Everyone went back to the hotel to wait for each other, but the alarm went off when they realized Alex hadn’t taken his room keys.

Friend Chris Langley, who was on the flight, said he realized something bad had happened when the two detectives returned to the hotel.

Elvira is a popular destination for bridges


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“We have already tried the local hospitals, but we were very scared when we saw them,” he said.

“We thought they took him to hospital for a night’s sleep, but we got a call from Alex’s mother in Wales saying he had been stabbed.”

He says the police will not give much information as they are not family members, but later found out that he is very ill in hospital.

“It was a shock,” Chris said. “All we can do is wait for the news at the hotel.”

Alex’s mother’s father traveled to Portugal to be with their son, and when Alex and his family returned home to Wales, his friends set up a fundraising page.

“We need to do something,” Chris says. “We live in a wonderful, close community and anyone who knows Alex knows what a happy, true, loyal friend is and what his family means to him.

“This is why we are asking our community, friends, neighbors and family to help the family with the financial burden caused by this tragic accident.”

Family and friends have been desperately trying to find someone they believe helped save Alex’s life.

The man found him and took him to the hospital without waiting for an ambulance. A job the doctors said saved his life.

Chris says, “The guy found him. Instead of calling the ambulance, the guy put him in his car and took him to a hospital in Faro. Doctors said if this guy hadn’t taken these steps, Alex wouldn’t have done them.”

After trying to obtain information about the person, the police exposed his family profile.

His friends warn him not to try to be with other people traveling abroad for a summer stocking potion.

“We chose this resort because we felt it was safer than any other,” says Chris.

“It shows that this can happen to anyone, anywhere, and we urge people to stick to each other as much as possible and not walk anywhere alone.”

Details can be found on the fundraising page here.

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