All about the new PS Plus: games, updates, classics and PC!

New launch PS Plus It comes close, with the service already available since Monday (23) in the Asian market, excluding Japan.

And with his arrival to the lands of North and South America scheduled June 13Many questions may be asked about the plan options, updates, and games that will be available, so we decided to create a guide with everything players can expect. Check it out below:

What is the new PS Plus?

Essentially, this rework will combine two Sony products into one: PlayStation Plus, which many users are already accustomed to, and PS Now, a cloud gaming service that wasn’t available in Brazil — plus some unreleased add-ons.

The goal of this new version is to offer a very diverse library of games with many high-quality titles through four different plans, but one of them – Premium, which contains game broadcasts – will only be an option for some countries, and will not be accessible to the Brazilian market.

What are the new PS Plus plans and how much do they cost?

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As mentioned earlier, PlayStation will offer Four different modelsBut we will only be martyred the three to be presented in Brazil. They are:

Basic: Basically the PS Plus that many already subscribe to, which gives you access to online multiplayer discounts and free downloads of two PS4 games and one PS5 game each month.

the prices: monthly R$ 34.90 / 3 months – R$ 84.90 / 12 months – R$ 199.90

additional: It has all the features of the basic plan and also has a catalog PS4 And PS5 Downloadable.

the prices: Monthly – R$ 52.90 / 3 months – R$ 139.90 / 12 months – R$ 339.90

Deluxe: The most complete model, with the advantages of the previous methods and also including tests of popular titles for a limited time and the ability to download games from PS1And PS2And PSP And ps3 remasters.

the prices: Monthly – R$ 59.90 / 3 months – R$ 159.90 / 12 months – R$ 389.90

Expensive: Not available in Brazil.

What games will be on the new PS Plus?

The new service will be connected 700 games In general, it achieves great successes such as: blood borneAnd demon soulsAnd Ghost of TsushimaAnd Hollow NightAnd Kingdoms of Amalur: RecalculationAnd Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles MoralesAnd Red Dead Redemption 2And The last of us remasteredAnd Tekken 2 And much more.

For those who want to check out the full list, simply access this other Voxel article: New PS Plus catalog revealed; Check out the games!

I’m already a PlayStation Plus user, what will happen to my subscription?

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When the new model goes into effect in Brazil on June 13, all existing PS Plus members will automatically switch to the plan. Basicand get the same benefits already provided by your current subscription.

If you want to take advantage of the new features, especially the extensive library that will be provided, just upgrade to Styles additional or Deluxe. There is a way to upgrade at a price that matches the remainder of the subscription, but there is a catch.

If you have, say, 6 months left of your current PlayStation Plus and want to upgrade to Deluxe, you can pay less for the time left. However, the amount will not be deducted as an annual subscription, but as a monthly subscription. So, Instead of paying R$95 for 6 months (Half of the Deluxe Annual Plan minus half of the Essentials Annual Plan), You will have to pay R$150which is a value 6 x 25 (on condition R$60 is the monthly fee for Deluxe and Basic is R$35, which is between R$60 and R$35, for a total of R$25 per month).

How often will PS Plus receive new free games?

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According to PlayStation, Essential will maintain the traditional level of the current service, allowing two games on a monthly basis. PS4 and one of PS5 Free download every first Tuesday of the month.

The other two plans will have the same feature, and there will still be an update in the middle of the month for the catalogs shown.

Can I use the new PS Plus on PC?

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For PC gamers, the new format will only allow game streaming, and since the only plan that fits this standard is excellent, which will not come to Brazil, this means that it will not be possible to enjoy the benefits of the service on the computer with a Brazilian subscription.

Will the original PS1, PS2, and PSP games from the PS Plus classic catalog win prizes?

Source: Sony Interactive Entertainment

This feature will be optional for developers, but for the happiness of those who love Platinum their games, some have already been confirmed with this feature, such as siphon filter And just run away. However, Sony has already confirmed that each game will depend on the developer to place the feature.

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